100m time, post 50 years

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Used to be pretty nippy in my younger years, especially when playing football. I'm not post 50 and never bought the mid-life crisis Porsche (well not yet anyhow), but increasingly I have an urge to run 100m as quick as I can. The desire to get on a track is strong. c. 5 years ago, aged 45, irritated by a young 28 iron man guy at work I challenged him to a 100m race. Silly I know, especially as I'd stopped doing any real sports. This guy took it ultra serious, commissioning a drill instructor to shout at him at 06:00 several mornings a week, whilst I just got pissed every night at the local pub. My preparation was absolutely zero, actually even worse than zero. Still, I fully expected to win. The day of the race cam and we'd identified a 100m flat stretch on the Thames path in London. Several work colleagues attended and before I knew it, we were down waiting the starters gun! If I were to lose I expected it would be nearer the end of the race with lack of endurance but almost from the off the guy was a stride ahead of me. Uncharted territory because I'd always skinned everybody before. I just couldn't make the gap up and pretty much gave up in the dying yards of the race. I just dug out the video and I've looked at the timings and he was around 1.25 seconds ahead of me, him around 15 seconds and me 16.25 or so. It's haunted me losing that race but I'd no right to expect anything else I guess, given the lack of preparation and self destruction to to alcohol abuse all these years. But I do have this urge to get 'back in the saddle' and see what I could accomplish with some real effort this time around. The guy is currently hiding away in Singapore but I fancy a rematch!

So my question is, and despite googling, there isn't much info on this subject - "what is a good time for a 51 year old guy running 100m?".

Thanks for reading and video attached for a laugh!


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    Age group world record for 50-54 is 10:88, which is pretty fricking fast.  But I'd say your time was good for someone who didn't train much and likes his booze. If you'd actually trained for it, the likelihood is that you would have beaten your Ironman chum, as he was already very fit and you, by your own admission, are nowhere near your potential.
    PS, video didn't upload.
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