Getting back into running

kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
i started doing bits of running at start of year with a man who runs a group I go to but he stopped as more people wanted to do running with him than he had time for. Since then I haven’t really done much on my own but have done odd bits trying to do fast shorter runs just to keep so I can do some as I agreed to take part in a marathon relay team in September which I’m still going to do. 

In January when the man stopped doing running with me he mentioned he mite start doing some running again with people in summer. Now it seems he is going to start this at end of this month in groups not sure how it will work as he is the cautious type and has brain injury so struggles focusing on more than one thing so may be hard but looking forward to starting. I know I’m going to be among slowest in group but will push myself to do more running to make sure I can keep up.
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