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    Seems like a good idea. As you say, the present group has grown beyond all recognition.
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    If I can remember to press stop on my watch at the end of events my stats might improve, become so blasé with this in recent times, even for Comrades, I think it was 12:06 rather than 11:55 when I pressed the button. Is there any way to make the group private and have people join by invitation? I think what has happened is passers by have joined in over time, all legit Comrades runners of course but many I don't recognize.
  • Terry - sending good wishes your way. Let us know how it goes when you can.

    Jar - I didn't know we had a strava group. I did join a comrades one and theres definitely at least 4 of us on there so maybe thats it with hundreds of other people I don't know. I'm happy to do a smaller private one.

    Lowrez - I too didn't stop my watch at Comrades this year. 12:05 it says. I corrected it on garmin but you can't do that on Strava. Normally I get people I don't know giving me kudos, but not this year. Guess they thought I didn't make it :/
  • Debra - Am I right in thinking you wear vibrams? Thinking of going more minimal. Wondered how long it took etc etc.
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    I am using the same route into strava SS - I wonder if you can delete the run out of strava and re-push the corrected one in from Garmin? I will have an experiment with that one day - I too have not had the usual amount of kudos, however, I am a terrible user, I have never kudoserated anyone else, there is a woman, well I assume they are a woman, called Emma Jane who keeps kudosing me, who is Emma Jane? I suppose I could see if I can turn kudos off, then these questions would not arise, however, McH and Becca kudos me sometimes, maybe I would miss that if I completely stopped it?
  • I sometimes have kudos given after an event. Don’t know how you know who’s doing what events.  Other than that I only have 1 follower and that’s my hairdresser!! And he usually manages to miss the big ones!!
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    I am on a comrades strava group but as you say, there are now hundreds of people on there, i don't know anyone. Would be much nicer to just have a group with us included...
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    You can change or delete a segment in Strava but once you’ve done it you can’t undo it. All I wanted to do was delete my wandering around in search of my back to back medal so not really possible ?. But as I say, no one looks at it so I don’t really care 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Tenacity pays off! Six weeks after the race took place and after a massive detective hunt that finally located the photographer who took them, the one picture I really, really wanted is revealed:- 

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    That's worth going back for another one next year!
  • Okay it needs some work but try this link

  • Anyone keen to help with the admin?   I'm not I can be trusted with all this power
  • RWUKCT (Runners World UK Comrades Thread)
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    Nice picture Lowrez and well chased down, definitely worth it :)

    JAR - thanks for setting up on strava, just asked to join!!!
  • Welcome Marty!   Lowrez well done - where was the photo hiding after all that?   You probably helped out hundreds more people
  • Lowrez - you can actually crop your race time in strava by clicking the spanner thingy  (i did the same this year)  it's an easy way of eliminating the time spent standing around, quaffing energade and posing for photographers  
  • Fantastic photo Lowrez. Well done

    Jar - just sent request to join strava thread. Cool photo :)
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Jar, Also just sent a request.  Not that I'm expecting much mileage myself for quite a while.
  • I don't even know how to join Strava, get my runs on Strava...

    Lowrez, so glad you managed to track down that photo - perseverance paid off!

    Southern Snail, yes, I wear Vibram Five Fingers (VFFs) some of the time and VivoBarefoot minimalist shoes much of the time - and run barefoot sometimes (max distance I've done barefoot is 4 miles). The most padded running shoes I wear are some fairly minimal Inov8s. Moving to minimal or barefoot style has to be done carefully - if you're used to e.g. an 8mm or 12 mm heel to toe drop then it's going to be rather different. Running barefoot or in VFFs feels great - so it's easy to overdo it and that can kill your calves. There's also a risk of metatarsal stress fractures and of tendonosis of the tendons on the top of your feet if you try to do too much too soon (TMTS) - as I discovered when moving to minimal shoes while also increasing my distance run, back in early 2011. Opinions vary whether you can transition by running mostly in your old footwear and gradually increasing wearing VFFs or minimalist shoes, versus those who say you need to stop all running in your old shoes and learn a new running style. If you already land midfoot it's less of a problem. Important aspects are landing midfoot with your foot under you, not heel striking with your leg out in front. This looks like a fairly sensible guide: Happy to discuss further.

  • Slow DuckSlow Duck ✭✭✭
    Lowrez - super photo!

    JAR - I've also submitted a request to join (Hideo)
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Join requested JAR

    Thanks for the photo comments folks, he actually took 6, all great shots, all clearly showing my number, I am guessing he switched memory cards and did not load the remnant of the ending he captured until now. I have no feedback on why other than "there you go" and I am so happy at the result I don't really care why. Got some great shots I can share later.

    Debra, you can tell Garmin to fire all your results at Strava automatically, so all you need to do is register an account on Strava and join the group and then we'll be able to see your activities - Strava does this group thing each week for top miler, top climber etc, its kind of nice to compare approaches between different runners and of course we can see on Comrades day how that training contributed to the overall result.

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    Woo Hoo I now have 2 kudos on Strava for Comrades :):)

    Debra - Thanks for the info, I'll have a look later.

    I've tried using the spanner on Strava to edit my Comrades time but it will only allow me to remove the end of a section and once done can't be changed. The problem is that its such a small part that you can't see how much to delete. After all its just a bit of wandering around the stadium for 12 minutes. It doesn't wind the time back whilst you're doing it. Anyway I'm not bothered.

    IF I do Comrades next year, I'll have to make sure I find a photographer on the finish line. My photos are all rubbish.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Story on the missing photos is that Mr Dreadlocks searched his camera bag and uncovered a memory card on which were my missing photos - I assume there must have been others too - worth everyone re-checking their sets if so - mine have been collated and added - so now I have purchased them all and have memories like this:-

    They're behind youoooo!
  • Wow! Great pictures lowrez, the detective work certainly came up trumps. I'll try and join the Strave group JAR. Bit late to ask now, but anyone at Thunder Run this weekend?
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Stunning photos Lowrez and great determination for persisting in finding them. 

    Thanks for good wishes all.  The Papworth saga continues! This morning, after being prepped , in bed, and cannula in arm by 11am, they finally cancelled at 3:30pm!! Apparently the person on the list ahead of me turned into a lengthy major challenge, leaving too little time to start with me on the day.  So I now have to wait for a new date in a month or two, with less date flexibility from me due to two weeks of us hosting grandkids over the school hols.  More delay to training plans! I had hoped for the time out now to rest a sprained ankle from a slip/fall on the dive boat last week. So, you may see some cycle rides and minimal miles in the next while on our new Strava group (Thanks Jar for organising that).

    I hope you're all well and training happily!
  • Sorry to hear about the delay Terry. Hopefully you'll get there in the end! Good luck with the cycling when you get going again. Plenty of time to get ready for Comrades yet  :)
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Dang doctors Terry! Good to know they did the right thing for the bloke with complications, but it doesn't help your situation, here's hoping you are sorted soon, they should have you on priority for chopping you at the last minute!

    Just to be clear on the piccies folks, it was only the finish line set that went missing, all I had until now on the rest was tiny watermarked versions as I was holding off buying the proper ones until they sorted everything. Great to have 'em all to show off now :)

  • Terry, that's really frustrating. Have you registered with them as being willing to come in if there's a cancellation?
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
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    Debra, yes I asked the consultant who cancelled to note that request. I'll follow up with their 'bookings' administrator this next week to make sure the request is not lost in the wash.  Trouble is that my own availability will be limited over August with grandkid visits.  My best hope is for a cancellation in the next week or two otherwise it may have to wait until late August anyway.  My wife, Jean, will never be able to cope with energetic grandkids if my activity is at all limited!  We'll be having respective pairs of them full time for a couple of weeks. Nice to have the little ones visit but they are quite hard work. (ages 3, 6, 6 and 9)!
  • Then here's hoping for a cancellation slot in the next couple of weeks!
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