Recommend me a hydration pack

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Im getting a bit baffled searching for a hydration pack so thought id start a thread and ask the people who know, im looking to carry just hydration fluid and maybe some gels, im gradually just picking my distances up but a marathon is probably about as far as its going to go.

Any recommendations appreciated.


  • I am pretty new to running and just ran my first marathon. i picked up a hydration pack off ebay for about 10 pounds. I didn't really like running with it though. I preferred the belt with little bottles. Easy access and handy for carrying gels and phone too. On the day of the marathon I just carried the gels as here were hydration stops every 3 miles.
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    My best advice is to:

    1. Work out what you want it for. Is it for short training runs or ultra marathons or something in between. My husband and I both have two - one for trail events and training and one to carry out for longer events.

    2. Try on lots. As a female with boobs I prefer different styles to my husband. He uses the Salomon vests but I didn't like the positioning of the drinks bottles.  I have camelbak bags as the straps didn't get in the way of my "assets"! I ended up ordering a number from Wiggle to try on as most shops don't stock a huge variety. 
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    Ooops... maybe ignore point 1 - I didn't read your post properly!
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    Thanks for the pointers folks, I went with a Camelback in the end and went for my first run with it today, ive ended up with a nasty friction burn on the left side if my neck :( it moved around a lot more than I thought it would so it was always on my mind and a bit annoying really.....probably did more harm than good now im thinking lol
  • I picked up a cheap Karrimor one a few years ago from Sport Direct and even though not used that often its always done a good job. Stays where it should and has never rubbed my back or neck.
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  • How5er - you need to ensure it's fitting tightly, use some body glide or something similar on any bits that may chafe and possibly consider some trail running tops - these usually have a little collar to prevent exactly what you describe.
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