Running shoes ... nightmare

Never seem to get it right ... had been running in Hoka Vanquish 3 for a bit up to around 6 mile or so which seemed to be going well, shoes were getting slightly worn and got hold of pair of Hoka Arahi's ... from changing I now get irritation on my left foot particulary under the ball area  and numb toes, right foot seems fine... also have tried Asics Nimbus Gel 20 which also gave same symptoms and numb toes on my left foot ... can't for the life of me get any luck with running shoes .... !! Any recommendations welcome ... I've thought about going in and getting gait analysis done but running on a treadmill for a few mins for me doesn't seem conclusive ... need to be doing 3-5miles to decide if a shoe is a yea or nea ....


    Even if you don't have the gait analysis you might get some useful advice from staff in a good running shop.   You could be wearing shoes that are too small for you, need to up usually a full size for running shoes or you may need a shoe with a roomier toe box or a wider fitting.

    Hokas usually last well, don't judge a shoe by the wear on the sole, it's the cushioning/support that you pay for.   I have Hoka's that have done over 800 miles and the cushioning is still great.

    So it's worth taking a trip to a decent shop.
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    Shades is usually right about these things. Sounds like you either need a larger size or you need to lace your shoes differently. Check out some different lacing techniques here:
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