Help with gait analysis / shoes please


I’d appreciate some help from the community. I’m a keen but relatively inexperienced runner trying to improve. I really struggle with shoes!

I know there’s a lot of debate about biomechanics, gait analysis and pronation control … but hopefully some of you with expertise in this area can give me some pointers into my gait and what shoes are best for me.

I’ve recorded some short slow motion video of me running in various shoes. I’d appreciate some advice on whether any of these are working for me.

To give you some context:

1) I wear prescribed orthotics as I have one leg longer than the other – this was first diagnosed when I started running and got hip pain. This limits the shoes I can wear but I’m told they should provide enough support to let me run in whatever shoes work/feel comfortable. 

2) I prefer to wear light shoes which are suitable for marathon training and racing (PB 3:07). I was previously in Brooks GTS but combined with the weight of the orthotics I seemed quite sluggish in them. 

3) I’ve not had any significant injury problems from lighter / more neutral shoes

4) I’m not in peak shape at the moment and a bit overweight. Tight muscles are probably contributing to some of the bad things that seem to be going on with my stride!

Brooks Launch 4

Asics Dynaflyte


Brooks Asteria


Sketchers GoRun 5

Mizuno Sayonara 2


Any analysis would be very useful, thank you!

Also – how would you categorize my stride?  It looks like I’m landing towards my heel but when I’m fitter/more trained and running faster it certainly feels as if I am landing more on the fore/mid foot.   

Thanks for helping!

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