Running Clothes for Pregnant Ladies

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I wonder if anyone out there can please offer me any advice. I have been running marathons now for just over 2 years but have recently found out that I am expecting my first baby.

I am now 17 weeks pregnant and getting to the stage that my baby belly is getting too big for the clothes I normally wear, and I really want to keep my fitness levels up throughout my pregnancy, although obviously the marathon training has ceased!!! I keep reading various articles encouraging pregnant ladies to keep exercising, and my midwife if also encouraging me to do this. Only problem is - where can I find sportswear maternity clothes? I have been trying everywhere, but I just can't find anything suitable.

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  • Good to know I'm not the only one. I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, and I had to give up running at about 24 weeks because I couldn't find any comfortable gear to run in. Tracksters worn as hipsters extended my running by a couple of weeks, but eventually the bump just starts to bounce on top of the waistband, and it gets really uncomfortable.
    I used the opportunity to get back on my bike and cycle alongside my husnband, giving encouragement all the way, and also gym training - something I always passsed on to go outside for a run. It's made a nice change, but now the weather is better, I'm dying to get my trainers back on, and get out for a run once the baby finally arrives!

    Good luck!

  • Hi Bunnybabes,

    Reebok have just introduced a range of maternity sportswear. I saw some of it in JJB Sports whilst shopping in Bath at the weekend. I wish it had been available last summer when I was pregnant as, like Looby Loo, I got fed up of rolling down the waistband of big tracksuit bottoms and feeling the bump bouncing around! Not great to say the least.

  • I've just looked on both the Reebok website and the JJB website, and I can't find any mention of maternity wear.

    I also should mention the obvious requirement to get a bigger sports bra - when I went to get fitted, the shop assistant wanted to sell me a really low impact one - since that was all I could possibly be doing while pregnant!!!! Why can't people accept that pregnant women might lose some of their shape, but we don't lose our ability to listen to our own bodies!

    My best item of clothing was a couple of pairs of old shorts that I bought in France years ago (by WNB), which although cycling short style, have a flat front (with elastic only from the hips round the back), and these have been very confortable - hence my regular trips to the gym even now.
  • Just come and take your pick from my running kit wardrobe. All sorts for the larger person except sports bras.

    BTW I'm male and LOOK 9 months pregnant.
  • I've just been in JJB and saw Reebok maternity gear - in pretty baby blue if that is your thing!

    For large sizes in bras you cannot do better than using lessbounce (yes really)
    They are so helpful - you can try and return until you find the right fit.
  • Hi. Have a look at the 'maternity wear' thread. I am also a previous marathon runner. I was gutted to have to defer my first and successful London Marathon entry until next year as I would be 5 months. (I did seriously consider doing it for at least a month though!). Check out the response I left and hope it helps.
  • Hello ladies (and Muzzy of course :-),

    Thank you all so much for your very helpful replies. In the end I managed to get a pair of maternity leggings from an internet website "Mothers in Motion". I have to say they fit really well and seemed to offer good support for the bump, but I decided to give up on the running during my pregnancy. Afterall, how often do we woman get the chance to put our feet up every night, eat everything in sight, and be pampered on for 9 months!!! So I enjoyed my "rest period", had a lovely little baby girl on September 25th, and am now back into my marathon training programme as I'm running in the London Marathon in April this year (I too obtained a place in the marathon for 2004 but carried it over to this year). Its not been to difficult to get back into the running (I think the scales after giving birth provide a good incentive!) and it was all definitely worth it.

    Pixie Lee - Congratulations!!!!!

    Gillian (Bunnybabes)

    P.S. If anyone needs maternity leggings just let me know and I will send you them free of charge.
  • Thankyou Bunnybabes. Congats on the birth of your little girl. Hope you enjoy the marathon - I'll be watching you on tele from my arm chair!! I would be really ionterested in the leggings as I have just started to do Yoga and will need something comfy. Let me know what postage you need if you still have them. I am a pre-pregnancy size 10/12. Many thanks for the offer!
  • Hi Pixie,

    Apologies for the delay in replying. Please send your details to my e-mail address: [email protected] and I will send them off for you in the post. They are a maternity Size 10 so should fit you fine.

    Take care and all the best,
  • Brilliant! Many thanks. I am just getting to the point now where my usual running bottoms are getting tight- great timing!
  • Hi,

     You should check out They are a brand new UK based company who produce maternity sportswear and leisurewear for the pregnant and post-pregnant woman who wants to look and feel good whilst execrising. They were recently at the Baby Show at the NEC.


  • Hi

    I ran my latest race in battersea park at 26 weeks pregnant in gear from - worked really well for me
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