Need to replace Garmin forerunner 620 watch, what should I go for?

I'm looking to what what watch I will replace my trusted Garmin forerunner 620 which is now around 4-5 years old but is now is playing up on a frequent basis.  

I did have my eye on the Garmin forerunner 630 a while back but seems Garmin aren't selling this any longer.  So maybe 735xt as it seems to have similar stuff like VO2 max etc and I like the sound of the threshold feature.  I would probably use a heart rate chest strap as I do with the 620, would a old chest strap that came with the 620 work with the 735?



  • vivoactive 3 was my upgrade from the 620, but its missing stuff my 620 had.
    I go for the 645
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I've got the Fenix and absolutely love it. Has the V02, can set thresholds and also set-up work outs as well. Also having the HR monitor on the watch itself means I don't have to fiddle around with a strap, although I'm never too sure how accurate it may be.
    I'm sure you can sync a chest strap HRM to a GPS watch that has an existing wrist sensor so you can get accurate HR data   I asked a Garmin rep about that.  Just check before you buy.
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    I'm not overly concerned by the accuracy of the HRM, if I'm honest. Although it did report a max heart rate of 210 bpm the other week for what was an relatively easy session. Either it was slightly out or I should have been calling an ambulance.

    I found the chest strap rather annoying, especially as I lost weight it wouldn't fit as well and consequently it would slip down my chest.
  • I had a Garmin 610. Took forever sometimes to locate satellites. Bit of a faff with chest strap. Recently bought the 235 and so far is excellent. Quick to locate satellites and HRM seems accurate so far. Well impressed. Best deal I found was at wiggle.

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