Race in Heat

I have this race coming up, first one back after year after bad leg injury.
Only 5k,

Is there any advice, i am finding it very diffucult to run in this heat. My time is down, starting to feel bad after only 1.5 miles, feel sick and headaches well run. I have managed to cover 5 miles but throw up at the end.

I want to do this race back but the heat is is messing me up. When i booked it did no heat wave.


  • I’d have serious concerns about my fitness if this is true?
    What temperatures are you running in?
  • 29. something.
    im not a hot weather person. i feel the heat easy. cold weather i do. i can wear tshirt and shorts in snow and not really feel hardly anything
    in normal temperature i could do up to 11 or more miles
  • last run was in 30 somethings
  • Why not try running in the morning? It is normally around 15 degrees then. I don't know what race you are doing but most of them are in the morning too.
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