Camping at/after Ultra

Hello to the few remaining people on the forum...

I would like some advice please :) 

I will be doing an almost certainly muddy ultra later in the year and will be camping before and after.

(1) How do I store used/wet/muddy/stinky clothing so that it can last the night/morning while I am asleep post race and the 6 hour drive home without it all starting to stink/decompose?

(2) What is the best way to get clean without a shower? Wet Wipes, flannel in the sink (hopefully there is a sink), other?

Cheers :)



  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Hi  LFSF

    1)  Rinse clothes if necessary. Makeshift washing line attached to your tent with bungee cord and a hiking pole or nearby tree.  Parcel shelf on the way home.

    2)  Bad news if no showers!  An essential part of the recovery they are.  A stream is the best option.  Best way to clean shoes as well.  Take some newspapers to stuff in your shoes, enough for several changes.  If you get them clean first then they will be dry and ready to go again by the time you get home.    Or manage with a basin.  Be sure to use a sleeping bag liner which is easier to wash than a sleeping bag!
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Sorry, which ultra is it btw?
  • Appreciate the advice as always T-Rex.

    Cheviot goat is the race.

    I think I will have to accept there may be kit casualties but I will try some of the above. Or at least I will plan to and then I will get back knackered, have a couple of whiskeys and then pass out and wake up to a big mess. Especially as I expect a post midnight finish. (5am start I think)

  • cougiecougie ✭✭✭
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    Bin bags bin bags bin bags.  Get stout ones rather than the cheapo ones. I don't think much is going to happen to your kit until you can get it home. 

    From the website - 

    Event parking is on the field opposite the Village Hall. This is also the location of the campsite.


    Valley Cottage Cafe will be open for the duration of the event and have a great selection of hot food, coffee and cake! They will be open from 3.30am on the morning of the event where breakfast, tea & coffee available for purchase.


    Toilet facilities are available in Ingram Village Hall and also inside the visitor centre where the cafe is located.


    Please there are no shower facilities on site.

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