Friday, 13 July 2018 - One foot in front of the other babe

chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
Morning :)

Today's lyrics: One foot in front of the other babe.

Top news, wabo. Guess they're scared of compensation claims...

Hoping for another MLR today. Weather seems ok, apart from being a bit windy and muggy.


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    Beat me to it chick! For the second morning in a row woke up with lyrics in my head!

    What: rest
    Why: I feel broken
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Lyrkcs: nope. Yesterday's were 59th street bridge song (feeling groovy) Simon and Garfunkel.

    Have a lovely day all
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Morning! Awoken earlier by pouring rain!

    Lyrics: no...still got yesterday's in my head! In fact most of the album (still got it on cassette, for those of you who remember those). Contains a track for Emz and one for Benjy and anyone visiting the area!

    Hope you are not broken, Emz...just tired! 

    Enjoy your MLR, Chick!

    What: either a walk or fitness suite or both, plus possible cross training with the iron.

    Why: knee plus the ironing is mounting up again. Not really been the weather for the latter!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • BenjyBenjyBenjyBenjy ✭✭✭
    Welsh: Miles may have been tough this week, but bloody Nora I find you inspiring how you get out there and do it, getting out and doing the tough ones when it’s too hot, not enough sleep, heavy legs.

    Wabo: Result! I’m voting for you (as you don’t know it yet, but you will be starting a new career in local politics). Citizen Smith, power to the people. Ever seen the film Sliding Doors, you have probably changed a sorrowful future event for somebody that will trip and fall there.

    SC: Happy belated birthday! You don’t look a day over 58. That’s a great result from cardio review. Imagine the news you could be facing if you weren’t an active person as you are. Great life choices there SC. I think back often how taking up running was the best thing I did for my health, I used to be really weighty and I imagine I would have some complications now due to it.

    Chicksta: “Too crocked to stick rigid plans” I know what you mean there, with every marathon I’ve had a go at I’ve dutifully started the Asics plan, downloaded it entered stats etc, then it has gone out of the window. I just get out there, but know as approaching I’ve got long ones to get in and up the frequency of them. Works for a lot of people plans I know, probably reassuring psychologically as well that the plan will let them do it, but it is getting it to fit lifestyle for me.

    Emz: Great report, you really gave it some there, DOMs kicked in? Second day DOM’s is the one that makes me wince.

    OH: Sad to hear about your family home, I couldn’t imagine my parents house owned by somebody else, it’s a halfway house in these town.

    Ale: Hope that knee is easing somewhat today

    LMH: Glad you got your walk in down RHB, I’m guessing the seals are those that nonchalantly bask on the rocks at the bottome of Ravenscar. They look so cute and friendly, but the reality is they would rip a person’s throat out if they got too close. I hope you had a good meal last night in Whitby town.

    What: Joined a mate for a 14 miler this morning

    Why: We are both doing York so it is now time to start upping the miles from my comfortable 6/7/8s

    Lyrics: God damn!

    However in mitigation of lyrics, was reeling yesterday as got 27 points on the second round of Ken Bruce’s Popmaster. Just can’t get past the 30 marker though…

    Have a tiptop day folks.
  • Morning.

    That doesn't sound good emzap - take care.

    Hope you had a good one chicksta. Good running weather here, mild, dry and still. I'm looking forward to getting out once breakfast has settled.

    Is your rain persisting Alehouse? You'll have Poppy on a train  :)

    What:          as easy as hilly miles can be
    Why:           making the most of my last day on holiday
    Last hard:   having stressy work dreams last night
    Last rest:    12/6

    Lyrics - no.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • BenjyBenjyBenjyBenjy ✭✭✭
    Oops error not joined a mate for a 14 miler, will be joining a mate for a 14 miler, not done it yet, will be doing it.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Morning again...and yes, the rain is persistent and there are puddles for WP to splash in!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018

    Hang on I am on my way I feel a double run day off to Alehouse country for the puddles and rain-yay :)

    I should be able to remember SC Birthday as it is a day after mine but then my memory is not what it used to be.....LOL

    Wabo: Top result way to go Wabo for Prime Minister;-)

    Chick: Always best to listen to body with one eye on a training plan.I always work one out and usually I am adapting it by week 3.I am sure you will do well at Berlin!!. How is Mr Chick?

    Em: Sorry to hear you feel broken is it tiredness or something more serious?

    Benjy: Thank you, you made me smile as always:-0 I hope your 14  miler with mate goes well this morning and not too warm for you?

    LMH: I can not believe it is your last day on holiday it has gone so quickly!!

    We were due a thunderstorm last night it passed us by:-(

    What: 4.5 miles
    Why: I went back to bed for 3 hours so too late in day
    Last hard: Getting out later than planned/sleeping/tiredness
    Lyrics: Nope

    I got up as usual  but was so exhausted I had to go back to bed for 3 hours so instead of being stressed about the heat and late in day I just said it will be a short run so make the most of it.So i did run fastest for course in 18 months but then I only run this course maybe 6 times a year if that;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    As poppy hasn't posted yet we can all assume she's on her way :)

    Enjoy that 14 miler with your mate, Benjy. I've learned the hard way that less is more. These days I no longer feel bad about taking rest days if my body tells me to. And I quite happily run longer (or faster) when the old bod says "yes, let's do this" :D

    LMH: That was a short break then. Shame you didn't have nice weather throughout.

    Ouch, em. Be careful.

    I'm definitely old enough to remember cassettes, ale. Many a mix tape was created for friends and guys I had a crush on :smirk:

    Run was decent. I mixed things up a bit and made this a pyramid MLR with 3k easy, 2k steady, 2k MP, 4k HMP, 2k MP, 2k steady, 3k easy. The 2nd lot of MP felt ridiculously slow compared to HMP. And the easy and steady lots were a bit of work against the wind but in turn that wind made me breeze those faster bits.
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Still raining here, WP!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    I think just tired though I woke up hurting all over for no apparent reason. Just cycled into town though and it wasn't too bad so hopefully be ok for tomorrow.

    WP we were due thunderstorms too but nothing yet.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all
    benjy ha ha that's funny! I do like getting onto Councillors after getting my son and dil their parking space its become a hobby!! 27 points nice! hope the 14 miler goes well
    emzap hopefully all is ok
    alehouse I love the ironing comment!!
    Chick lyrics no, sounds like you had a good mlr
    LMH have a nice hilly run (easy hopefully)
    WP hope you get some puddles soon, well done for getting out early!

    What: cycled in 16 miles, will be running later, avoiding bird poo and trip hazards...
    why: its the 13th
    last hard: this morning
    last rest: 31/12/16
    second of a 3 series forest 5 runs.  I was dire last month, must be less so tomorrow??
    have a good weekend all - my daughters little one is 2 on Sunday so we're all off to Old macdonalds farm or as lyla says old mcfarmers!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • "Day's work" done  ;)
    On ferry back
     will swim on other side. 
    Sunny day again here
    Last rest Monday
    Last hard Saturday
    Lyrics back to standard "no"

    Created many tapes in past partly filched from BBC.
    Decided not to replace defunct cassette component of system a few years back.
    Trying to think of alternative uses for pencils! ;)
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Got lots of tapes/cassettes in various condition but have most of S&G on that there vinyl. Emz, get out the superglue and heal well/soon.
    Not really a lot I can add, so just echo the thesis from Benjy re all others :-) Hope you're not too down OH.
    Age/experience/stupidity in the past has taught me the benefit of rest days. Off down to Laugharne for annual Dylan top up by osmosis. Beer in Brown's, coffee in the boat house etc. Will squeeze in new parkrun at Haverfordwest, I hope, and almost guaranteed a fastest 500 slot. I'm down to 500/500 at home run as we keep getting to many fast tourists! Need a pb there to hold on until bus pass :-)
    What: Drive to West Wales after work
    Why: Annual weekend away to that environ
    Last Hard: Clearing the parkrun path at home run after work
    Last Rest: Forgotten already
    Lyrics: How current are they? :-) Interesting enunciation.

  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I also have lots of tapes I used to have so much fun recording songs and swapping with friends.I still Have Super Tramp and Deep purple that someone from school made me:-0

    SC: Don't know if you are aware it is Long Course weekend in Tenby, so ironman thingy, marathon, half marathon and 10k over the weekend traffic maybe heavy.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Cross posted with you this morning Benjy. I hope you had a good run - it was indeed the seals at Ravenscar and the Thai was good.

    Nice shorter, faster run Poppy.

    I can't run MP in training chicksta never mind HMP. We will have been on holiday for a week so not really a short break - it just feels like it.

    Enjoy the weekend break SC.

    A race and a birthday party Wabo? Sounds like a weekend to look forward to.

    Enjoy your swim OH.

    At least the rain won't stop you in the fitness suite Alehouse.

    Hope you continue to feel better as the day progresses emzap.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018

    Poppy: just seeing now that we x-posted this morning :)  Looks like your body needed those extra zzz. Well done on a course PB.
    Mr. Chick is doing well, thanks for asking. He's working out a route for along bike ride tomorrow.

    LMH: I bet you could easily run my MP and HMP though ;)  I just felt good this morning so made the most of it. Much nicer this way than having to do a tempo run or interval sesh because the training plan says so on a day when you're totally not up for it. Most of my running is slow and easy and the fast stuff is kept at a minimum.

    SC: It's a newish song - they play it on the radio all the time and it has great running relevance. Other lines go
    "just keep moving" and "you can do this" or "keep on running".

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    had to google chick, I do like a lot

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
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