Horrible acid nausea and leg cramps after long run

I try to do one long run 10miles plus once a week.
usually fine but twice I’ve got home and within half an hour felt so sick, vile stomach ache like I’ve drunk battery acid which has lasted for hours and quads cramping painfully.
i don’t think I was dehydrated, I take water and tailwind drink ( glucose with electrolytes) when I run, as I can’t stomach gels as they make me queasy. I wasn’t really pushing myself, in fact I was cruising along in a lovely trance like state with the miles ticking along.
its only when I got home, had a chocolate protein shake and sat down then felt awful. 
Anyone else had this as an occasional thing? And what caused it/helped it? 


  • Only time I’ve experienced anything like that was due to dehydration and finishing session at high intensity with no cool down, but never for that long. I’d take the usual boring advice of seeing a doctor, especially if it has happened more than once.
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