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  • Managed an 8 mile run on Tuesday and a 9 mile with 5 1K at 5K pace yesterday, groin feels good.  I saw Physio today who says all looks good now. Rest day today then a 12 mile tomorrow, may try and get another 20 miler on Sunday.
  • Glad to hear you are back to it Nonstick. Take it easy though, don't want to rush back into it too soon and get set back again
  • I hope to run Abingdon. I was having a good summer but some virus has absolutely floored me and I have managed about 10 miles in two weeks. Finally in the process of getting better and hope to have my first run of the week sat or sun.

    I have done lots of long runs an a couple of 20s so hopefully I haven't gone too far backwards and there is still a bit of time to squeeze a few solid weeks in fingers crossed. Pb 324 and was hoping to get under 310 but I am thinking about looking at 315 instead with this run up. The real bugger is I missed a half last weekend that was going to hopefully give a good idea of what I might do...

    Moan moan moan, woe is me etc.

    Looking forward to it though as it is my first race since an injury last summer.

  • Sounds like you're going well, Nonstick. Consistency is king!

    LFSF sounds like you have lots in the bank. Most important is to arrive fit and fresh - so just build sensibly from here. Plenty of time to go.

    Worcester 10k for me this Sunday and then Cheltenham Half in two weeks. Both will be on marathon training legs, but should give some indication of form. Good luck anyone racing this weekend. 
  • LessFatStillFat, I've not done a marathon before so this is my first time and have not raced since last year so not really sure what sort of time to go for. I've seen a lot of advice for first timers but most common seems to be that to go out at a comfortably pace for first half and and then push on in the later stages which is what I think I will do, let my body do the pacing for me and try not to look at my watch pace too much, maybe your in a similar boat to me there.

    StevieWh, thanks. My body feels good now and didn't actually miss much in the way of sessions so should be good to continue, if there are any problems I will ease off, not taking any changes now that I am so close for the first time, think this is my 4 attempt at a marathon and by far the closest I've been.

    Sorequads, thanks also and good luck with the Worcester 10K, let us know how you get one. I'm thinking of a park run tomorrow (will be my first one), my VO2 max session on Wednesday had me doing 1K intervals at around 3:30 ish pace and felt fairly comfortable so maybe a sub 18 5K on the cards allk going well.
  • LSSF thats good mileage in the bank! I'm sure you will be fine at Abingdon! There's a few of us now!

    20 miles today with 3 sections of MP totalling 12 miles. Averaged 6.44 for those so a good confidence boost!
  • StevieWh, is 6:44 your target pace, sub 3? If so then that was a really good run, how hard did if feel and how big where the gaps between intervals? I did wonder about the P&D marathon pace runs, if it mattered if they where supposed to be in one block or could be split, book just says it to get your body used to running at that pace so I guess it makes no difference.

    Was a bit sore after my 12 mile run yesterday, skipped the park run and did a slow 5 mile recovery instead which was in the plan, good thing was it was just DOMS and not the groin injury so all good. The plan states 18 miles with 14 at MP tomorrow but I will aim for 20 but at a slow pace, will try and do a MP run next week.

  • 21 miles today, averaged 4:29 per km. Average heart rate 130 bpm, 55 miles for the week so really happy with that. 2 weeks to go before taper starts, very excited as getting close!
  • Nonstick, it felt fairly comfortable given the non tapered legs so 6.44 is now goal pace! I ran it as 5m, 4m, 3m with a mile eay in between .I feel it would actually be easier as a solid block as I can get I to a better rythym then. Looking forward to it now! Cheltenham half first and hopefully another PB
  • I am concerned about losing fitness due to holiday and sickness.

    In the last few months I have done 3 20 milers and about 5 16-19 milers. However, the last time I did a real long run was 20 miles on 24 August.

    After that I went on holiday and did some long runs timewise but not distance (hills/mountains in Snowdonia). Then I was sick for a couple of weeks and I am only just shaking it now.

    The weekend just gone I managed a 19:49 parkrun and 15 ish miler yesterday which hurt more than it should have so I am happy with my pace but I am concerned about the distance.

    There are three weekends between now and the race and I am not sure what to do. I have a half scheduled for Saturday as a final test of speed but should I be more concerned about getting in a long run? I am thinking that I could get a 20 miler in on the 3rd and then a 16 about a week later before. Is that too much too close? (this is marathon 7 or 8 – I was hoping for under 3:10 before my break but 3:15 or even just 3:20 is probably more realistic after the last few weeks and would still be a PB)

  • Nonstick - Worcester 10k was great fun, but a way off the PB I wanted. 36.59 for 29/2250, so can't complain. I succumbed to a cold last week, so was happy enough with a 70M week. It has however changed plans for Cheltenham Half. I will no longer have a light week this week and go for a PB effort, but will train hard and do something like 10M easy, 13.1M at MP.

    LFSF could something similar be an option for you? I think your legs will be relatively rested now and so you could get away with doing an easy 20M two weeks out from Abingdon. 

    Good long run StevieWh
  • Sorequads, maybe you had the start of a cold when you did  Worcester 10K, might explain why you where not close to PB although 36.59 is still a cracking time, be interested to know what your 10K PB is?

    LFSF, I agree with Sorequads, just go really easy on 20M.

    I had a relatively light week last week, missed my 12 mile run on Wednesday as groin flared up a bit, I guess I will have to manage it till after Abingdon. I did all the other session from my P&D plan (up to 55) though, highlights including a 17:45 5K on Sat and 17 miles on Sunday. Less than 4 weeks to go, really looking forward to my first marathon.

  • Sorequads - What is your target MP? We may be running the same pace at Cheltenham. I'm racing it but aiming for 6.20-6.25 pace.

    Nonstick - definitly manage the groin now, theres not long to go!

    After a week off on holiday last week back to it last night with an easy 8 miles. 10 x 3min intervals tonight, the first 5 at HMP then the last 5 at 10k pace
  • Good point nonstick. Hadn't considered that. PB is 36:10 (twice!) at Chichester 10k. It used to be the Sussesx 10k champs so I assume it was officially measured, but have only have got vaguely close at Bourton 10k since. I think it might be the one PB I won't trouble again! Cracking  5k from you and well backed up with the long run. Excited to see how you get on at Abo.

    Target MP is about 6:25-6:29. I'd like to run dub 2:50, but know it'll be close. Hope to see you at Cheltenham then! Nice intervals from you.
  • Good luck for tomorrow Sorequads if I don't see you! 
    I'm number 3263 and I'll be in a blue vest with white on clouds on so say hi if you spot me!
  • Good at luck Cheltenham StevieWh and Sorequads, let us know how you get on.

    Had a good week, groin issue seems to be completely gone now so done all sessions this week, actually feeling good, 33 miles done and 20 in the plan for tomorrow.
  • 1.22.50 at Cheltenham Half yesterday, a 5.14 PB. Really happy with that! Averaged 6.01 for the last 5k so possibly could have pushed on a bit sooner. Really enjoyed the route.

    Sorequads - I saw your result on the P&D thread. I may have passed you just before the finish at the 13 mile marker? I had to launch a long range sprint to make sure I got under 1.23!

    Really looking forward to Abingdon now, last big week this week ending with a 22 miler on Sunday, then its taper time.

  • Well done on massive PB StevieWh, on runnersworld race time predictor, this equates to a 2:52 marathon so well on target.

    I did my last 20 mile run yesterday which brought my weekly total to 53 miles, found the 20 hard though, couple of hard sessions this week left my legs a bit tired, couldn't wait to get to the end, no re-occurrence of the groin injury which is great and is giving me a bit more confidences that I'll make the start for the first time.

    Not really sure where I am right now in terms of how to pace this, no races to speak of. May try and find a 10K for this weekend, failing that then a park run.

    Sorequads, how did you get on in the Cheltenham Half yesterday?
  • Really positive week and long run, Nonstick. Bodes well. A parkrun tester sounds perfect.

    As StevieWh says, copying from the P&D Thread (all welcome!):

    Really enjoyable day yesterday. 10M easy, timing it perfectly, to finish about 30s before the start of the Cheltenham Half (including a few car park laps at the end helped with this). An ingenious side entry system to the start line queue meant the front two pens were in to the front with a minimum of fuss, even at the last moment.

    I tried to run at approximate MP HR, with a steady 160 the whole way round. I assumed this would be 1:25 at best, given the long warm up and biggest ever week (87M). Delighted though to finish in 1:22:59. I’m making a habit of the 59s finishes. It was a great experience to run at less than 100%. I really felt able to soak up the atmosphere, have small chats and thank the supports. To be honest, I felt in control the whole way round. If I can feel that strong at the end of the marathon in three weeks, things will have gone very well. 23.1M at 6:55m/m for the morning. A more random observation was the number of times the crowd shouted to a runner who must have been about 20m behind me, for the first 5M at least. And juggling. Very impressive at 6:20m/m, although the shouts wore a bit thin on me after a while. I’m a scrooge, I know.

    Stevie we must surely have passed each other! Well done, I am really pleased for you. Remind me of the Abingdon target? Didn't see your message about your vest until just now, so sorry if I didn't say hello. 

  • SQ - I remember the juggler! I was determined not to be beaten by him but he stopped for a drink at mile 8 so I went past. Didn't think he would have a sprint in him though if it came to it! Looking at your picture I'm pretty sure it was you at the 13m marker. There were a couple of purple vests and you may have even been the one who encouraged me to sprint it in!

    Well yesterday has thrown a bit of a conundrum for Abingdon. Target is definitely sub 3 but I'm not sure what MP is. I think I will set out at 6.40-6.45 pace then push on later on if I feel good.

  • NonstickNonstick ✭✭✭
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    9 seconds between you guys, you must have almost tripped each other up lol. Sorequads, great time considering the mileage, can't imagine doing 87M right now, 55 is the most I've done, must give you a lot of confidence. I may switch to P&D thread as was hoping this thread would pick up traction, I do sometimes read the comments and also the sub 3 thread but both well established and hard to keep with.
  • Nonstick the P&D thread is genuinely very welcoming - even if you're not doing P&D! I think it has a greater range of speeds on there than the sub 3, which makes for a more supportive environment and more interesting reading, in my opinion. In terms of the mileage, 55M used to be huge for me. Incremental changes over the years, and continuing to enjoy the training have been key.

    Stevie - I ran 1:21:30 before breaking 3 for the first time (2:57:52, albeit on the Manchester short course). You know what you're capable of more than me, but I'd say 6:40s could come back to bite you. I'd recommend 6:45s, and see what you've got after the underpass of doom!
  • The underpass of doom!?!? That doesn't sound good haha. What am I looking out/preparing myself for?
  • Haha - people go on about it. It is an underpass that goes under a main road about mile 24, from memory. Short, but a little twisty and steep when you're already knackered. I think good to know about it in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUxVJeB3EBw 2:35 into this video. Nothing to worry about.
  • Finally had chance to look at the video last night SQ. That underpass doesn't look too bad!

    Final big long run this weekend of 22m on Sunday. Did 2 x 3m tempo last night with 1m recovery. Paces were around 10-15s slower than usual but that's expected after Cheltenham half.

  • Unfortunately I got a cold this week and feels like a bad one, hope it don't last too long. Managed runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, rest day yesterday, going to have to miss tonight's recovery run as lungs are sore.

    StevieWh, hope you long run on Sunday goes well, I have 16 planned but will have to see how the cold is, last 20+ run was last week so glad I did not miss that one.
  • Having a pretty shit time of it at the moment and running has taken a back seat.

    Did a half in Milton Keynes last week in about 1:36 so I have given up any hope of 3:10 and 3:15. I will shoot for sub 3:20 which would still be a pb.

    This was the big one for this year and in August I really believed I could get 3:0x, but today was my last chance for a long run and I got 18 miles in in pouring rain and couldnt be arsed to carry on as it would have meant running past the car with the warm clothes and the coffee.

    Oh well, life goes on, hopefully I can put this in the bank for motivation for the spring marathon (whichever that may be)

    @Nonstick hopefully that wont be the one I and all the other parents at school got which lasted minimum 2 weeks, hopefully this is perfect timing and you are 100% in time for the race

    @StevieWh I only remember that underpass as something you call a **** and then forget about, might seem like more at the time though...

    Best of luck all

  • Thanks LFSF, hope things get better, you never know, you may do better that you think.

    My head cold has almost gone but been coughing a lot last 2 days. I was really hoping to get the 16 mile run in but had to skip it, not sure what to do now. Next long run is 12 miles, so a  bit worried leaving such a big gap between longs runs. Coughing has eased off this evening so hoping I am on road to recovery.

    Just thinking if I can do a longer run this Sunday giving that I've missed the 16 and had a few days off.
  • I wouldn't do a long run this Sunday Nonstick, no need to try and catch up now will do more harm then good. Just stick to the plan and it will be alright on the day!
  • StevieWh, your right, just needed to hear it. Managed the planned recovery 7 miles with 8 X 100 strides and it was not too bad considering so can't complain, tomorrow I have 8 miles with 3 X 1,600 m @ 5K tomorrow, only slight deviation to the plan is a 5K park run (this would be a recovery day), which I still have not managed yet for various reasons, this is just to help see where I am as I have not raced for so long now.
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