When should I (whisper it) REST in ultra training?

pen-y-jenpen-y-jen ✭✭✭
edited August 2018 in Training
I’m looking to race my first ultra (as oppose to just completing them). Any advice on when to run my last long run? The race is 38 miles and so far I’ve run up to 25 miles in training.

I’ve run ultras before but off the back of 15 mile training sessions max. My plan was to run a marathon 3 weeks before the ultra as my last long run. My worry is that even though my legs will feel fine after it are they actually quite depleted and I’m risking having nothing left in the tank for the ultra? (By ‘fine’ I mean not sore but a bit tired for 2 days. Compared to a year ago when I’d be really sore for a week after that kind of distance!)
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