Oxford Half 2018

Anyone else running this one?

This is my first HM and only 2nd race i've entered (10k was the other) It's 8-9 weeks away, and not heard anything on the park n ride yet which i think is essential for this event. Did anyone go last year, and if so when did they get the opportunity to purchase the park n ride tickets?

I'm doing the sub 1:50 HM training plan taken from here, just starting week 3 so a week ahead of myself - everything going well (not the lightest or youngest of runners at 47 and weighing 15 stone) but i did put in a 16 miler a few weeks back - longest run ever for me, but now sticking to the plan. I've started taking a protein shake which shows a significant improvement on my recovery and allowing me to keep to the plan when i would normally have 2 rest days a week, it's now only 1. 

Good luck to all those running the event. 
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