Foot pain

Morning all!

So I have started to do a bit more cardio and over the weekend I did 3K on Friday and 2K on Saturday as to not overdo it. However my left foot is hurting (seem to always have a problem with this foot) I am wondering whether it could be a shoe issue my foot just always feel tight like no movement.


  • borrow/buy some different shoes? even cheap ones to test your theory
  • I have pain on the outside of my legs. Goes after about 10 minutes after is too running though.  Any ideas?
  • Consult a doctor.
  • I recon there's always gonna be a period of discomfort or pain when beginning a new sport, however acute pain is something for a medical professional to advise. If you can afford it, maybe visit an experienced physiotherapist.
  • Hi, I am new here!
    I am running my first half marathon on Sunday 24th Feb and I did a long run on Sunday 17th (17k) as training but now I have a throbbing pain in my right foot around the ankles and also on my 2nd toenail on my left foot. I tried running 5k yesterday as training but I struggled. I am now very worried for the half marathon because if the pain continues it will be very hard for me. Anything I can do to ease the pain for this coming Sunday so that I can run the marathon?
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