Taper Weeks for Upcoming Races & Training Plan Critique

Hi all,

I'm new around here & am looking for some advice about 2 upcoming races that are fairly close together with regards to tapering.

The first is a 5 mile on the 19th August & the second is a 10k on the 1st September. From my understanding ordinarily for a single race I'd cut my mileage by roughly 50% , but i was just wondering how to go about tapering with 2 races so close together. Would I taper for the first race, go up to normal mileage for the following week and then taper again?

In terms of my running history I used to run all of my runs flat out with a weekly mileage of 10-12 6/7 years ago (which is when I last raced!!). Since last racing my training has been inconsistent with weekly mileage varying from 0- 8 miles for several now.

Around 3 months ago I decided to get back into running more seriously & have spent hours researching training plans & the best ways of avoiding injury. I started off running 10 miles a week and have gradually built up to my current weekly mileage, which is 24/25.

My current schedule looks like this:

Day 1- Club track focused session (400m, 800m, 1000m repeats etc) (4 miles)
Day 2 (5 miles easy)
Day 3 (5 miles easy)
Day 4 (0.5 mile easy, Park run at Tempo pace 0.5 mile easy) (Every 4th park run I run all out to try to get a PB)
Day 5 (6.5 mile long run)

(I also add strides into 1/2 easy/long runs depending on how fresh i feel that week)

I know in an ideal world I would have 2 back to back easy sessions but with park run on Saturday, my long run on a Sunday & my club night on a Monday it seems unavoidable, unless I do a mid week long run, which I don't really want to do.

I also do 3 weight training sessions a week (1 of which is leg focused).

Due to the current hot weather my easy pace miles are ran anywhere between 10- 11:30 m/mile pace as i use heart rate as a guide.
Tempo run 07:33 regardless of HR (using Jack Daniels VDOT tables)
Club sessions are done by feel.

Recent Park Run PB- 22:14, although I ran a 21:40 last year.

My concern is having such a large gap between my slower end easy pace and my tempo pace, although in the current heat I feel if I push closer to 10 m/mile pace the easy run turns into more of an up-tempo, which is not really desired. Please help!!!

If people could offer their opinions on my current plan it would be greatly appreciated. Realistically I think I will stop increasing my weekly mileage at 30 due to time constraints. When I do this will I continue to see benefits in terms of my race times as at this point I will not be increasing mileage or intensity?

I hope this isn't too much of an information overload!!

Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!!


    You don't need to taper for short races.  Take a rest day the day before and don't do any hard sessions in the few days before, make sure you're well hydrated and you'll be fine.  Do a gentle recovery run the day after your races and then resume training as normal, ease up on the speed stuff if you feel tired but you should be fine.

    Tapering to 50% mileage etc is usually related to marathon distance races.
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