Best knee support for arthritis

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Just been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis  / degeneration of patellar anterior cartilage. Medics advise I can still run, but that it will hurt from now on. It's a combo of age [running >35 years] and a genetic predisposition [thanks Grandpa!].

I already have in place a huge selection of strength / conditioning exercises to work through which are helping, but if I am to continue running [albeit at reduced mileage] I can use a combo of painkillers and a knee brace to help. I'd rather not take painkillers every time, so if it hurts too much, I'll just stop. If a knee brace would help, I'd rather do that.

Does anyone have any experience of using a brace? If so, which one would you recommend?

In terms of painkillers, I have used naproxen and diclofenac [prescribed!] in the past. Do i go back to using these?


    I've always been told never to run in a knee brace but if that's a physio with extensive running experience that's telling you to do it then maybe so.  Apparently running with a knee support weakens the ligaments etc and will make the knee weaker whereas your exercises are trying to strengthen the knee and supporting ligaments/tendons/muscles.

    Very well cushioned shoes will help too, time to try out the Hokas perhaps.

    I wouldn't take any painkillers while training, maybe after if required but your physio should have advised re that too.

    Arthritis isn't caused by running either.

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    Thanks Shades. My physio is a runner + local club team physio. The Dr I saw yesterday is on the Olympic medical committee + works for national sports team as their medic, so I assume he knows best! (Just lucky he lives in my area + works out of local hospital) 

    He didn't specifically say to use a support but did say there's no reason why I shouldn't be running. His and physios take on Painkillers is that they will help me to run correctly so will aid recovery whilst rehab exercises get to work. I'll only be using them pre-run until the rehab works better!

    The support may end up not being required but I feel I might need it in the next few weeks as I get back into running regularly? 
    In that case I would suggest that you just start with the usual OTC painkillers and low dose and see how you get on.

    Also make sure your shoes are supportive enough for you and suit your running style and go for lots of cushioning, there are a lot of well cushioned shoes out there at the moment and they will make a difference.  I doubt you'll need to alter your running style but you would want to be running as lightly as you can.

    Re the knee support maybe get a fairly basic one to start with and that is comfortable for you.   I've heard folk buying fancy expensive ones and then finding them too uncomfortable to be of any use.
  • I've got moderate level osteo-arthritis on both knees. I am coping with it reasonable well due to stretching excersises and suppliments. Depsite the fact that my GP and physio recommended that I stop jogging I would like to return to the activity. I still do a lot of long distance walking - up to 12 miles. I have a good pair of trainers and I would like someone to recommend a good knee brace. Many are advertised online priced between £30 to £50 a pair. They all claim that they will make life easy for people with knee problems and allow them to engage in sport activities such as running. I find it difficult to choose, because of the many online scams. such as this one:
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