What happens in these days?

pilgrimage home Grand in Mecca and visit the grave of Mstafah Habib Muhammad peace be upon him in Medina

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, Allah has imposed on the Muslims in the sixth year Hijri, one of the best works, was asked the Messenger of Allah (: Any business better?
He said: (faith in Allah and His Messenger).
It was said: Then what? He said: (Jihad in the way of Allah).
It was said: Then what? He said: (accepted Hajj (the pilgrimage which was mixed with sin.) _ [Agreed]
And Aisha - may Allah be pleased - said: O Messenger of Allah Jihad see the best work do you not strive? He said: (No, but the best Jihad accepted Hajj) _ [Agreed].
The Hajj is an expiation for sins, he said (: (of Hajj and does not and does not immoral act, he returned the day his mother bore him) _ [Agreed]. He also said: ('umrah to an expiation for them, and accepted Hajj brings no less a reward than Paradise) _ [Agreed] said (: (Amar delegation of pilgrims and God, who goes, and they asked him to them gave He) _ [Bazaar].

Hajj and cleanses the soul and restores clarity and fidelity, and that it would be human to be patient and endure, and Hajj implanted in the soul the spirit of bondage full of God, and submission true to the law of God, and the pilgrimage leads a person to God grateful for the blessing of money and blessing of wellness.

Hajj and lead to long relationship with the Muslims, including different colors, languages and home, and feel more strongly the Association of Islamic brotherhood, and helps to spread the call of Islam, as it is a popular conference to address the Muslims and to identify the conditions, and discuss their problems.

The conditions of Hajj being obligatory:
1 - Islam, Hajj is not obligatory on the infidel.
2 - puberty, there must be a boy, even pilgrimage boy before puberty, is not acceptable for duty after puberty, but to perform Hajj once again, for saying (: (Any boy Ag then reached Perjury (age of reference), he should do Hajj again) _ [ Tabarani].
3 - the mind, not on the pilgrimage crazy, but do not correct it.
4 - freedom, there must be a slave.
5 - Being, so that it is able to withstand the hardship of travel, and that he has enough is enough of having to beg until he returns.
And women, like men in the conditions of Hajj being obligatory but it is essential that accompanied a husband or a mahram, or be with her trustworthy women



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    The piercing sound of dog whistles.
  • Fuck off yasooo you fucking misogynist arshole. Rotherham, Rochdale,Oxford,Aylesbury, Newcastle,  Keighley, Bristol, Peterborough, the list goes on of towns where mostly white underage girls were systematically targeted for sexual abuse by Muslim men. And you have the fucking nerve to blame women for this for not covering up. You are fucking scum and I hope you get gang raped by a bunch neo nazi skinheads. I hope you die a painful slow death from cancer. Your "prophet" Muhammad  (piss upon his grave) was a paedophile, what a lovely guy to worship.
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    There's legitimate criticism and critique, and then there's this frothing at the mouth snarling bigotry masquerading as advocacy for women.
  • Oh yes I'm a bigot am I? Is that because I get angry with people advocating Sharia law? I also get angry with Christian fundamentalism but none have come on here spouting those views. I'd give them the same shit and quote the old testament at them to show what arseholes they are.
    Attacking someones political beliefs is perfectly legitimate and does not make one a bigot.
  • Or maybe I misunderstood you JT. Maybe you are accusing yasooo of snarling bigotry because after all Sharia law is bigoted in its views to women gays and apostates.
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    Yes, you are a bigot Mr Worry. I say that with no satisfaction whatsoever. Your bigotry comes over with absolute clarity in the post to which I responded. Bigotry and prejudice is absolutely implicit in a line like "I hope you get gang raped by a bunch of neo nazi skinheads". Your choice of degraders and aggressors is not accidental. I don't take against your anger at religious dogmas, illiberal practices, misogyny, homophobia. But I don't make allowances for it either when you devolve into "anti-islamism". I can't not push back. I really do mean it. And I know it is inevitably antagonistic. But, I genuinely ask you read back on what you said, consider its broader implications, its impact, the kind of people who will be most excited by your sentiments. Has your anger got the better of you? Is this really what you want to say and how you want say it?

    This week I was walking toward a bus stop where a youngish Asian woman was with her toddler. She had a headscarf. There were two people ahead who went past her and loudly said, "there are too many Muslims". This stuff matters, and if you don't want to be a part of that go out of your way not to be.
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    yasooo: I propose a system where women are worth less than men and are responsible if they are raped. (Also under this system all gays and apostates shall be executed).
    Me: Fuck off you fascist I hope you get raped and die of cancer.
    JT41: Mr Worry is such a bigot he used bad words.

    Really is that your argument?

    You complain of my "anti-Islamism" but there is nothing wrong in anti-islamism.  Islamism is the political movement to order society to Islamic law, ie. fascistic Sharia. I don't like fascists which is why I oppose Islamism. 

    Being opposed to religion and hating religious people are entirely different things. Unfortunately you can't see that.
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