Knee pain - patellofemoral

Does anyone have experience of recovering from a patellofemoral knee injury?


  • I'm looking for advice on the same thing, as my knee keeps messing up. So far just mixing running with cycling and swimming. But still I want to run more, but cant.
  • Depends what's causing it! Often patellofemoral knee pain is associated with tight outer quads - fix those and you fix the pain. Have you seen a physio?
  • The physio has loosened my quads a lot, but I now suspect it's actually a glute not activating and causing the knee to collapse inwards. I think the quad is taking up the slack when the glute can't cope.
  • 8 Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain

    1. Try RICE for strains and sprains
    2. Tai chi
    3. Exercise and weight management
    4. Heat and cold therapy
    5. Herbal ointment
    6. Willow bark
    7. Ginger extract
    8. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate

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  • Have you had any joy with your knee pain? Mine suddenly appeared last weekend after a week of running more miles than usual. Physio says it's weak hip abductors and tight hip flexors causing it, so I'm now resting up and doing specific exercises to strengthen the hip. Hopefully that will clear it up quite quickly so I can get back to marathon training.
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