Iliopsoas bursitis and groin pain 10 months

Hi, I'm writing again here so no good news :( everything started 10 months ago after a 14k easy run: burning pain at my upper leg (front hip) where the tendon insert in the bone, suspected hernia, I did an ultrasound that showed inguinal hernia but the following 3 were all negative so went to see a sport specialist who said I have iliopsoas ibursiis. I did a cortison injection which made things worst as I started to have painful cramps in my legs, I have also started physio 3 months ago but no help at all. I did a MRI which showed a little inflammation at the paos and I was told I need to walk 20 mins a day and do very  mild cycing as sitting all day at the desk makes thing worst. I feel frustrates and depressed without running, anyone had similar problems at the psoas and can give some advice how to recover please?
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