The Fan Dance

Hi all,

I've not been on here in a long while so I hope I'm ok to pop back!

I spent 2016 running an event that would push me, every month (ultra-marathons, OCR's etc.) and subsequently had a bit of a break throughout 2017, running for pleasure and not actively 'training' for anything. I've gradually got back into trying to improve my running this year and I'm booked on to Man vs Mountain this weekend (yay!)

Next year, my partner and I are looking at booking on to The Fan Dance (summer, clean fatigue) has anyone here done this?

Please could you share your experience and training tips?



  • Yes, I've done this. Both Clean fatigue and load bearing.... Summer and Winter. If this is the one run by Avalanche Events you will be in very good hands. It is tough, you go over Pen Y Fan twice and one of the hardest points is when you get to the halfway point and you know what you are heading back in to.

    The best training advice is to run as many hills as you can and get used to running with a backpack on. Even the clean fatigue pack can weigh up to 15lbs by the time you have the compulsory 3l of water with you.... Don't try and shortcut the safety kit, it isn't worth it not only are you cheating yourself you are potentially putting yourself and other people in danger if you do hurt yourself and need a hand off the mountain.

    But, if I can do it at 50 (and that includes the winter load bearing !) then the only thing stopping anyone else is enough desire and/or training :) 
  • Muddy Paws twice ! I thought it was 3 times over the Fan

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