Repeated calf pull/strains when trying to change to forefoot running

Saqib KhanSaqib Khan ✭✭✭
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Trying to change to forefoot running but keep straining/pulling my calf on the first run no matter how many weeks I rest in between.
What should I be looking at stretching/youtube/reading?
Medial miniscus tear (06) and unable to run from 09-16 following meniscal repair (10), menisectomy (11), arthroscopy, high tibial osteotomy (15) & finally metalwork removal (18) mean I'm now beginning from the start again. London (03), MdS (04), Stockholm (05), NYC (05) & Lahore (06) finisher.


    Why change to a running style if it is causing you an injury?   

    I wouldn't advise anyone to try and change their running style unless the way they run now is causing injuries.
  • Saqib Knan. How far are you going when you do that 'first run'? If you're determined to switch, you need to start with e.g. 200-400 meters and very gradually work up to longer. And preferably get some coaching in it, as you may be doing it wrong - you don't need to stay up on your toes - your heel should still touch the floor. Try concentrating more on a fast cadence and landing with your foot under you not out in front.
  • I don't know if I am in a similar position. I run naturally with a forefoot strike but get a lot of problems with calf pain. I went to a physio and they said it was a conditioning issue and advised I did heal drops which didn't seem to help at all. I wonder if Debra is correct and its an issue of doing too much too quick
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