weight and running

hi, i wonder if any one else has had this, but ive been training and dieting for over 2 months to get ready for the GNR, excess of 20 miles a week and using protein world diet along with fat metabolism tablets. i started my weight at 18,7 (yep, a fatty) now 2 moths later 18,2?? should i seek medical advice?


    Ditch the diet and the tablets, don't waste your money.  

    You've lost 5 pounds which is good start but you've obviously still been eating too much to lose any more.   Eat a balanced healthy diet, don't overeat and keep up with the running.   20 miles a week is fairly low mileage, at a rough guess you may burn 100 calories a mile so that's only 2,000 calories a week, to lose a pound of fat requires about 3,500 calories.
  • thanks, ive been consuming a daily calorie intake of about 1500 - 1800.
    so really i need some interval training or HITT??
    If you had only been consuming 1800 calories a day you would have lost more weight.  Check your portion sizes, weigh your food if necessary and don't forget to include all intake including drinks and snacks.  

    Are you active apart from your running, do you spend most of your day sitting? 
  • thats what i thought, ive been measuring it using My Fitness Pal, so loging everything, as to my day job , im a chef, so no sitting
    A chef is a physically tiring job so you're certainly not lazing around.   Eat 3 healthy meals a day, control the portions and the weight will come off.   Keep up with the running and think about introducing some strength work too, gym or something like a Body Pump class.  You might want to think about doing some shorter races too, 10k's or even parkrun, that will give you some speedwork.

    I looked at the protein world diet and what a rip off, it's your wallet that's getting lighter.

    But I would suggest you weigh your portions for a while just to check as it's so easy to under estimate.

    Good luck with GNR.
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