Broken toe -no running!!!

Broke my 2nd toe when I stubbed it in a pool on my 2nd day into a Thailand luxury resort trip.  That was 3 weeks ago.  The bruising and swelling is starting to fade, but still am limping badly as can't bend my toe.  And it still hurts.  Been buddy taping.

Of course, no running as can hardly walk properly - :'( .  Its been the longest non-training I've had since I started running.  I am swimming OK (only front crawl as breast-stroke hurts), and trying the stationary bike to keep fit.   My base HR used to be around 39 to low 40s, and it is slowly creeping up...What can I do to keep fitter?  And to keep sane???!!!

How long till I can properly run again?  Doc said 6 weeks recovery, but at this rate, it seems like a long way to go.....very frustrated!!!


  • I had a broken middle toe this year... I ran a 10k after a day under 5 weeks recovery... I ran a couple times in the week leading up to the 10k. I spoke to a friend of mine who is a physio and asked if I would do any damage if I ran on the broken toe after 4 weeks and the answer was no.

    Recovery time may be different for different people, maybe I was lucky...

  • Dave - didn't it hurt to run on your broken toe?  I'm just past 4 weeks post-break, and am almost walking normally now.  But still would hurt to jog...…!

  • yes it did hurt... but the first 4 weeks are the worst... it should start healing much faster now.. how is it now... ?
  • I've been patiently waiting for the 6 weeks mark, and went to my final x-ray today.  It's healing!!!! But the doc said it would take ANOTHER 6 WEEKS before fully healed and said if I ran on it, the bone would re-injure or not heal properly.  

    Of course the doc is an older-conservative type, who looks like he does zero exercise [SORRY - stereotyping…]  DILEMMA!!!  :o   I feel pain free, and can brisk walk a hilly route for 30-40 mins.  Should I run and risk a longer recovery time / pain returning, or should I wait ?????  :/ :/
  • It sounds like we have had differing advice on our broken toes... everyone is different... and it sounds like you have had a worse recovery time than me... you may be chomping at the bit to do a run... but does it really matter that much if you don't run for another 4/5 weeks... I remember thinking that an injury I had years ago, would stop me from running I stopped running for quite a time.. and in that time I realised how much I do miss running... and came back to really enjoy running again.
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