Running Grand Prix Bedford Autodrome

Hi all,

Has anyone here ever ran this race?

They have a 20 mile option, was thinking of doing this as part of my training for my marathon in December. Just wanted to know if this is really competetive as I just want to do it for distance.

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks all.



  • No - but the southern road relays were there once and it was windy as hell. 20 miles round and round there seems like stuff of nightmares! Sorry..
  • I’ve signed up for the 2019 October marathon. Any comments from previous Runnners? I’d previously planned it as Comrades qualifying, but I’m delaying that , but my goal is to try and get back under 4:50 after 4:52 at Chester . How many enter the marathon? Is there an area for own support supplies? Searching on website information not due until Wednesday. Thanks 
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