Hamstring injury - when is uncomfortable ok?

really need some advice on the above!
I have been running for 15 years approx - currently late 30s. Run about 30-40k a week. Not competitive. 
At the end of July I pulled my hamstring, I overstrode and went a bit fast for too long. Internet googling tells me it’s a stage 1, I’ve always been able to walk on it and no tenderness to touch. I’ve rested it for 3 weeks and started doing couch to 5k a few days ago as a way to start building it back up. I also have three young kids so it’s never been fully rested if that makes sense. Lots of walking daily.
my question is - is it ok to go out on it, even if it’s gentle run/walking if it’s still uncomfortable? Or do I need to rest it until it feels totally like my other leg?!
The logical part of me thinks it makes sense to keep using it gently. I’ve also been doing gentle yoga and stretching. But it’s still stiff and uncomfortable, especially after a nights sleep or a busy day with kids. It doesn’t hurt during a run. Please help as I’m going mad about it! I really am desperate to run again too which I suspect is affecting my judgement. Can’t afford a physio and it isn’t bad enough to bother doctors with 


    You can get physio on NHS, you might have a little wait but at least you could get a rehab plan free of charge.  Contact your GP's surgery for an appointment.

    As it doesn't hurt to run it's possible the trouble might be from your back so a proper diagnosis would be a good idea.
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