Karrimor Excel Activity Tracker

Good Morning.
Anyone got one of these and if so are they any good.
Don't want to be spending a couple of hundred quid on a Garmin really.


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    I have no experience of it so can only relay my own thinking, looking at its specs it looks as though it would do well at displaying time, distance and pace. The thing that puts me off is it being Karrimor which tends to be a brand that caters for all but specialises in none. What was once a reputable brand but was then bought by Sport Direct and brand identity badged on to cheaply sourced kit.

    I would doubt the reliability of this over time. I see it sells for about £65, it could be in three months £65 wasted, but then again you never know, but experience has said Karrimor stuff is cheap, cheerful but not built to last.

    For £99 the Garmin Forerunner would be a more reliable bet. I have had a go with one of these and they are very good. Argos do them:

    Does a fine job of time, distance and pace. You can close off all the extra features and get better battery life such as HR wrist monitor, bluetooth etc. Battery life is very good even with these things on.

  • Maybe you could also look at Xiaomi Amazfit products - they are a lot cheaper than Garmin. I haven't tried it yet. I am just thinking about buying one. But everything else I tried from Xiaomi, works like a charm!
  • If you want a Garmin but not the price - try buying a second hand one. I have sold my previous models in great condition.
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