Ladies need encouragement to commit to Ultra?

 I've got two lady run buddies who say they want to do the Imber Ultra that I've started training for. I've extended the 16 week Competitor plan to 24, made a FB group for it, joined them, made a simple fuelling plan knowing the checkpoints are max. 7.4mls. apart. Sign up is Oct. but they haven't said any more about it on the couple of runs we've been on since. Is there anything more I can do to encourage them?


    If they want to do it then they'll enter the event and do the training.  I wouldn't put any pressure on them at all, they'll run it when they decide.
  • Overplanning it might discourage. For a first Ultra it can just be about the experience - not focused on how much running there is but a great long day out, plenty of walking thrown in but great fun and a social event. Completing it - not competing in it.
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    Show them the video (there's usually as many ladies as there are miles so they won't be alone)

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    Play them the song (make their hearts go boom, boom, boom) whilst not strictly on the route its near enough and a good song

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    Show them the pictures (such happy runners!)

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    Inspire them with the charitable causes

    Blimey! I'm sold! If only entries were open!

  • It's up to them 
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