Ballot results 2019

A friend of mine has emailed me saying that he’s received a message that results of the lottery will be out first week of October,has anyone else got one because I haven’t? Doesn’t bode well for me if he’s telling the truth lol


  • Got an email about 3 weeks ago saying it would be mid-October - pretty sure it's always that time.

    Why would it not bode well for you?
  • Just thinking that if I didn’t get the email they’ve crossed me off the list already lol
  • Ah I see. I think it was a generic newsletter rather than aimed at all ballot people so good chance you may have missed it, in junk etc.

  • didn't get the email - think it's been early oct for the last few years?
  • Gladrags said:

    didn't get the email - think it's been early oct for the last few years?
    Yes, early october. The overseas ballot a few days later.
  • posted from the VMLM2019 forum page - in case anyone wants to try?

    Has anyone else (silly question ha!) logged into to see if it says anything yet.

    When clicking on 2019 VMLM UK Ballot, and then the Entries tab, I have seen two variants for ballot entries.

    The first one has a big red cross saying they were unsuccessful in the ballot for 2019, quite explanatory!

    The second doesn't say that, and when you scroll down that tab, it says about Withdrawals and if you wish to withdraw from this event to provide a reason and click withdraw. So does that mean a successful ballot entry????

  • I think it just means withdraw from the ballot - at least that is how I read it...
  • so why hasn't everyone got that option?
  • Glad rags, passed this on to my brother as they’ve applied for ballot, just called me back, apparently Red Cross on application saying that application has been removed for all applicants, he’s trying to call hq for clarification
  • Okay, I've checked my file and I have 2 confirmations for entry into London (my sister and myself), once again realbuzzreservations is saying they have no record of my email address that they've sent back to, I'm now assuming that this means we have been unsuccessful. Will await email either way from LM at beginning of ocOctob
  • My brother finally got through to lmhq regarding his application, was told they cant say why his and sons have been withdrawn from ballot and he should call back after the official announcement on the 8th?
  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    Mine looks normal, crosses fingers (without much hope).
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Mine looks normal too, in that I can log in to the system, and can't see any big red crosses anywhere.  Fingers crossed here too, but also without much hope.  I got in the ballot in 2017 and the method of seeing if I was in or not in advance seemed to work for me on that occasion.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I see the Edinburgh mara festival have their advertising set up in a prime position to try and scoop up the volumes of disappointed runners!
  • Wishing everyone all the best for next week, hope you get the right results! My sister and I have 37 friends on social networks all keeping their fingers crossed, non have any luck with the real buzz thing so assume it’s only fo the GFA group, interesting to see how many of us meet at Greenwich next year,lol. Again,GOOD LUCK!!!
  • According to the fb page the results have started to be released. Anyone heard anything? 
  • > @BaldReverend said:
    > According to the fb page the results have started to be released. Anyone heard anything? 

    Not a thing, my realbuzz page is still on the withdraw from ballot screen. guesing they update it when they release the payment links to those lucky few.
  • well the wife just got accepted - shame she did not know i had her in the ballot :) - the Realbuzz page has not changed though. Might be a frosty reception when i get home tonight though!!!
  • Spoke earlier to my postman,he’s also member of local running club,seems there were no Marathon magazines, yes or no,on the delivery table this morning, assume they are being posted today or haven’t got down to our neck of the woods yet

  • some are appearing on Twitter so they're def out. No emails yet though?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    my magazine arrived (though im GFA). Oddly my number is different to what was previously on the system as I had calculated that based on last years numbering I would be on the green start. My number now based on last years numbering is a fast gfa start. I cant imagine that being the case as I was in by 15 seconds. I'll have a look and work it out when im home.
  • i could do with being in blue again like last year as the wife is now in on the ballot - i know last year some where in red GFA and some where in Blue pen 1. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    When I click onto the main page it says there is a new post from Louisa obryan. Same happened yesterday in that I cant see her post. Perhaps she has blocked me for some reason or has privacy settings too high?

    Can anyone else see the post?

  • Same here, and no I can't see a post from her

    edited October 2018
    10th unsuccessful ballot entry.
  • DT19 - also got my GFA confirmation but cannot see any running number only a reference number. I do recall seeing a running number somewhere when they confirmed my entry but cant see it anywhere now.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Bob, the reference number on the acceptance form is your race number.
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