Left Knee - Weird One

Had a couple of rest days and went for my HM long run yesterday (a few weeks ago changed footwear from NB Zante V3's to V4's), at 8.5 miles felt a pain in my left knee, not experienced it before, made me hobble a bit but seeing as i was miles away on a country lane, i just reduced the pace and gradually the pain went. 

Carried on at the slower pace for the rest of the HM distance, but then when i stopped, the knee locked and pain was eye watering. Was a mile from home and it took me an age to hobble home, finally freeing up for the last 300 meters allowing me to walk slowly but normally. 

Back home it was immediate ice pack on the knee for the 20mins, went to get up and it had locked with pain again. Managed to get upstairs 1 step at a time, shower, applied voltoral, and took ibuprofen. 5 mins later it's like there's no problem with the knee, it's just normal again.

It was never tender to touch or swollen.

It's weird in that it completely locked, i had eye-watering pain, yet it wasn't tender to touch, and now it's like there's never been a problem. 

Any explanation most appreciated.


  • Went to see the GP today, and was told to go to the Minor Injuries Clinic next door.

    They did a few movements with both legs, and diagnosed it as an inflamed meniscus - told to rest, take ibuprofen - and if it continues to go back to GP and ask to be referred for an MRI.

    I have now sent the V4's back and ordered another pair of V3's incase they were the issue. 

    I have also purchased a knee brace in the hope it will aid me in being able to participate in my first HM in 3 weeks time. 
  • Do you do much Strength & Conditioning ? I've been getting similar symptoms in the past but was able to narrow it down to weak glutes causing my right hip to drop. Load is then transferred to my knees which then turns inwards as I land. Have you increased your mileage lately? 
  • sit-ups and press-ups are the only other exercise i do, and only after runs up to 10k - so 3-4 times a week.
    Yes, mileage has increased..pace has also picked up - even though my knee pain started at 8.5 mile last Sunday and i slowed the pace, it was still my quickest HM time. 

    I choose a new route last Sunday and drove round it today to show the missus.... i was quite surprised just how much camber there was in the roads compared to my normal route and the surface was more uneven.

    Made the decision to stick to the tried and tested route from now on, there is very little camber and road surface is smooth and softer.

    I've also sent back the NB Zante V4's replacing them with a new pair of trusted V3's.

    Desperate to make the changes in order to give me every chance to make the HM race as it's the first one i've entered. 

    If there are any strengthening exercises i could be doing to help the situation i would very appreciate some direction.

    Thank you 
    Don't use a knee brace for running, it can weaken the ligaments and muscles.

    When you are healed and painfree then work on general strengthening of glutes, hamstrings and quads.
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