big girls run too!

As promised ,here is our big girls running thread!

I guess we should begin with some introductions............

Marion, age 30, run/walking for 4 weeks. Now covering a couple of miles 3 times a week, plus 2-3 aerobics type classes per week. WEight lost previous to running 2 1/2 stones. Weight loss since began running 0. Will discuss that another day!

Come and join the thread and lets talk about running, clothes and self esteem etc etc!


  • sounds like a great idea
  • hi
    here's my stats
    age 36

    have been run/walking for 10 weeks or so and started some fitness just a month or so before that swimming and cycling
    i try and mix it up to avoid injury

    weight to lose at start = 6 stones to get down from 14st to 8st (as am only 5"1)
    weight lost so far = half a stone
    (so five and half left!)

    run/walking about 3.5 miles for my biggest run at mo - don't get alot of time so 2miles is also common
    aiming for 10k (6.2m) race in four weeks time so will be pushing that distance up quite soon

    am v slow at mo 17min miles ..but hope to zoom that up to as long as my poor knees can hold me!

    aim - fitness, losing weight, making some new friends...!
  • what kind of run walk are you doing so far lady? I'm managing walk 1/ run 2 1/2mins for about 28 mins over a 2 mile course.

    Does that mean i'm doing a 14 minute mile? I guess it does!! Whoo hoo, i thought i was much slower than that.

    However i bet if i was all running, it would actually be a longer time overall as i am a bit of a plodder.

    The greatest change in me is my self esteem. And i'm no longer a diet bore, i'm a fitness freak! (funny i didn't think 14stone could be a fitness freak!?)

  • Hi, I'm 42
    Have been running off and on for years but am trying to be more consistent now. Gorged out at Christmas and was 13stone and a bit, have lost 1 1/2 stone and feel soooo much better, it's hard not binging but the running seems to work. I've entered for the Great North run to give me more incentive, only raced 10k's and a 5mile. I'm a plodder -10min miles but speed doesn't matter. Great to here from other big lassies. There are many of us out there.
  • Hello all! Wahoo! Kindred spirits! I'm a size 18 fitness freak too, being all rebellious and not weighing myself anymore because I get a bit obsessed about it all and it just brings me down! No point! I'm 31, I'll be celebrating my 32nd birthday by doing the great north run. Bit of luck or what! I have 2 little boys who are the centre of my universe (sad I know!) they're 4 and 1 and a half.

    Been trying to run for about a year now. I've done 3 10k's, all exceptionally slowly :o) My best time is 79.30! I'm currently following John Binghams run/walk half marathon schedule in 'Marathon's for mortals' building up to my first half - the Blackpool Flyde Coast half in June. Feel a bit of a fraud doing run/walk as I had been doing continuous slow running. Anyway I found that I could run/walk an undulating 10k course quicker than I'd run a totally flat one! Just feel a bit of a cop out. Anyway I'm doing run3/walk2 but the schedule goes to run3/walk1 next week! Panic panic!
  • Nicky age 30. 6 ft 2, size 14/16, running 3 miles 4 times a week. Been running foir just over a year and I've lost 2.5 stone.

    Wanting to start national Big Gals Can campaign. Watch out for website.
  • hippo
    size 16
    5 ft 2
    done lots of running and racing, but vv slow

    great thread
    i run 30 mpw
    yes, big girlies CAN run
  • candy

    size 32

    35 years young

    running quite a lot now

  • oh, and 6 foot 1 in my stockinged feet

    like an amazon, but uglier
  • [chases candy out with large broom]

    sorry girls, he's getting frisky coz he's nearly 36.
  • i was only trying to get in touch with your feminine side
  • a time and a place, poppet...

  • candy
    love your humour
    Love you

    but you arent appropriate on here
  • 'ang on.

    The thread title says: 'and the men who love us'.

    P'raps Candy loves us.
  • see... i have validation
  • How big do you have to be to qualify for this thread?
  • i'm touch and go, poca
  • [snigger]
  • You can't touch me if you're gonna go have to stay so I can touch you back!!!
  • well that's two votes for me to stay, but benz wants me out as an undesirable/inappropriate/git face
  • oh stop fishing!

  • who?
  • you.
  • giggling tortoise
    I am also overweight and have entered the Blackpool Fylde half in June. So glad to hear that you are run-walking stops me feeling guilty. I am doing lots of running on treadmill at gym as I feel much safer and more in control. I sometimes get hubby to drop me off half an hour from home and run back. Find the psycholigical benefits of running home a great incentive. I have run L'pool half last year and really enjoyed it. The support was brill. Have you done B'pool half before. Is it a flat course? I hope so as I really don't like hills. Keep on running/walking. See you at B'pool
  • Ollier
    I didnt say git face
  • Are there any men that like us? Especially amazonians?
  • I love you all. Built for comfort rather than speed is ok.

    I've lost quite a bit of weight in the past and will be happy to help if requested.

    Used to be 1hr 55min half marathon now 1hr 42min.

    6ft 2" Size ? 14st 12lbs used to be 18st.

    Do I qualify to stay?

  • no
    skinny sod;)
  • Hi girls ( and hangers-on!),

    size 14/16, age 35, mother of two (4 and 18 months),

    started running about a year ago, have lost 3 stone since birth of last monster, should lose more but can't be bothered at the moment as training for FLM ( very ambitious! but is was a question of now or never!). Actually putting weight on at present due to massive appetite and slight!!! booze addiction but fooling myself by pretending it's muscle build-up cause as we all know it's heavier than fat!!!
  • We all have a lot of muscle pinkfelina.
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