List of runners and your supporters



  • it was the limping and gibbering and pleading for alcohol and drugs i meant gavo... although Jj generally remains quite serene
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, that's nice and easy, right hand side at 18 miles, then Loz and her mates from, er, Grimsby (or somewhere) at on the right hand side at 24 miles with the wine.

    Hmm, never done a social .... sounds,er, scary....
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    They're fine if you say away from people called candy.
  • and scousers
  • [floats serenely through on a li'l fluffy cloud...not at all disappointed that SOME people won't be stoppin' for Smarties or jellybabies...oh dear me no...FAR too serene for that...]
  • How about loo facilities in the Mudchute area for us loyal supporters? I've been told possibly ASDA and a pub down the road somewhere?? The outdoor option might not be so good, with circling helicopters and all that...
  • I've just updated the list to include supporter Scooterboy and runners Kitkat, Pudsey Bear, Wabo.
    ****Updated list is here. It's still not too late to be allocated a supporter but you need to MAIL ME.
    moomoo - I've got an iron bladder (heavy but effective) but there is a huge Asda down the road.
  • Cheers meerkat.
    Thanks for all your effort here. truly great.
  • No worries, KitKat. You are a star for running it! <<hugs>>
  • Help! There's two of me and the other one isn't me! I'm Kit Kat, supported by M and Zilla, running for WaterAid and completely unable to upload a picture.

    Vitally important that my specially-organised supplies for Mile 18 don't go to the other KitKat or you'll have to cope with a hysterical gibbering wreck.

    Taper madness? (I have weighed my shoes (again) today.....)

    Ginger Kit Kat
  • Kit Kat - no worries. You are supported by M and Zilla, while KitKat is supported by PezzA. Your shoes are the same weight. You are looking good. <<hugs>> Sleep strong and see you at mile 18.
  • Loo facilities Moomoo? For chr*ssakes don't get desperate and go in my bucket of water will you?
  • Just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck for Sunday. Sorry I can't be there in person (it wasn't me that decided to leave London on the lunchtime train!!)

    And well done, Meerkat, for all the organisation.
  • Thank you, UKaitch - but all the supporters deserve mega praise! Just send us good vibes via the tv!
  • Hi there!

    I seem to have an embarassment of supporters (unless there's another Twinkle lurking on here) but I'm certainly going to need all the help I can get!

    I'll be wearing a Phab Kids t-shirt with my name on it - either Twinkle or Wendy, or maybe even both....will confirm after going to the expo tomorrow and exploring the T-shirt printing options. Should be at mile 18 between 1.45 and 2.00pm but at this stage - who knows!

    Will try and sort a piccy but to give you an idea - I'll be the short, curly red-headed woman with the very red face! :-)
  • don't you worry kit kat

    specially organised supplies will be waiting for you at mile 18. no other kitkats wil be allowed near them ;-)

  • fat buddha - you got mail

    Meerkat - you're doing an excellent job. Are you regretting taking this on yet?!
  • Oops, think I may have neglected to complete the subject line on my mail FB so if you get mail from a '.murphy@' that's from me.

  • See you at mile 18.

    I'll be wearing a childline vest and confederate bandana but if it's very warm I may have ditched both. Number 09811.

    Will only be stopping long enough to say hello, exchange a smile and a hug.

  • Have now heard from the following

    Butchers Dog
    Matt the Brum
    Twinkle (even tho she's confused as to who her supporters are)

    Still need to hear from

    The Dog Walker

    Pls either email me or post here with your time and number, clothes, needs etc.

    Good luck everyone
  • M - guard it with your fierce tiger life!

    Meerkat - I thought I'd posted on here last night, but it seems not (probably on some other thread somewhere - thanks for the e-pat on the head! The shoe-weighing is partly due to taper madness and also down to the fact that after years of erratic kitchen scales, we just bought a new electronic set which weighs things to one gram. My right shoe is two grams heavier than my left....

    Pezza's KitKat - please could you e-mail me?

    M and Zilla's Kit Kat
  • Je regrette rein <<meerkat wanders off, hooting happily>>
  • ne
  • Meerkat- thanks for that- alas my limit is about 330ml=25 minutes.

    Richard- I doubt you'd notice the difference!! However, in case you're worried, I could always put clingfilm over the top of the bucket...
  • We mongooses were never any good with reflexive verbs, participles or accenty things.
  • Well, as long as the meaning gets across. And there are no accents in that one anyway. I know where they go, but I don't always remember which way around they go!
    'Bye! Off to Excel with Scotty.
  • UM,just for clarity,no special requirements at mile 18,smiles and hugs or verbal abuse,the choice is yours...
  • Lots of hugs waiting for you, Alex. Just yell 'meerkat' when you get to us!
  • hope i've got the puff for a yell,will whimper if not!see you on the field of battle.
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