List of runners and your supporters



  • i don't know TCB. in fact i really don't know.
  • An M not underlined with no . is down with Zilla to support 14 looneys. Is that a different M?
  • zil will be in trouble if it is
  • Well done Meerkat! How appropriate I'm being supported by a Moomoo and a Fairy Elephant. Not the fairy bit though, that's not appropriate at all.
  • he's much too delicate for fairies
  • Thanks Meer and JJ, Looking forward to it now.
  • BIG thanks luv Tracie x
  • "Jj and Helegant supporting Alley-cat, Andy Collier, the Cougster, Smitch, marmite master, hollandj, Booner, Minnie, Fillem, Destiny, cubby, beckylou, Father Jack, Superpootle, Jill Siegal, Robbo"

    Good- oh, and well done to my furry friend for sorting this out. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. If you would like to email me your numbers, a way I can identify you, predicted arrival time, other requirements for hugs, winegums etc...
  • Hi Helegant, I will organise a piccy to come flying your way - and to Jj too, so you can recognise me! - more soon!

    Thanks to Meerkat and all for the organisation.
  • Pezza is on board as a supporter and I've allocated him Wardi and Save Ferris.
  • Morning all,

    glad I got on the page and just in time!

    Looking forward to meeting you guys, thanks for your support, Minky and Badger!

    I apologise in advance for my behaviour on the day!!!!!!!
  • boing. meerkat, you have mail.
  • This is great, I really feel like im in a running club, I'm so Happy.

    Thanks Meerkat & SB, and in advance to fraggle (flapjack meister) and Evil Pixie.
  • [works busily on li'l lasso coz Collier says he's not stoppin']
  • I'll be stopping Jj - I'm just not confident about the starting again - could you fashion some sort of catapault too?
  • Thanks for the organisation, meerkat and supporters.
  • Our pleasure, barnsley!
  • Fully updated list of runners and your supporters is on my site here. I'll keep the page up to date as runners not on the original list get in touch.
    If you are not on the list MAIL ME.
  • from the runners point of view, are you before or after mudchute station, and which side of the road are you on?

    and are you before or after the 18 mile marker?
  • [mutters...]

    within lassoing distance.
  • i'm trying to find out where you'll be aren't i???
  • Candy me dear - you come past the station and there's a water station on the right, over the brow of the hill , and we'll be approx 50-100 yards further along on the RIGHT hand side
  • and I *think* the 18 mile marker is just before the DLR / water station area
  • Candy - there's pics on where we are on my site - see above for the link.
  • meerkat - saw those, but they are from the point of view of people arriving by train... i intend to run the whole thing this year!
  • or actually... is there a plan of where all the championchip mats are??

    i have a cunning plan!
  • Excellent plan, Candy...take your own mat and arrive by train!
  • thanks for this folks.see you all at mile 18
  • Dear

    Alfie, sutts, bunions, natnif, Trevor Neal, 2002 A Trombone Oddity, Andy L, Katie, Viking, Compass Kath, charlwillis, Kitkat, Twinkle

    hello! and good luck! you mad things.

    please email me with numbers, expected finish times, whether you'd prefer a hug from me or godzilla (i can recommend zilla he's very huggable :-)) some way of recognising you and a preference for jelly babies or vodka (or anything else!)

    also if you want gels or similar held for you at mile 18 then email me and i'll see if we can arrange that too!

    hope you're all tapering well

    M xx
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