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  • sorry nickisaac i did not mean to miss you off - just my copying and pasting can be a bit poor at times.......

    sorry - you can have an extra hug.
  • MK, M everyone - brilliant organisation, thanks a million.

    The only problem now is getting to 18 miles ......
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oh Meerkat, well done!!!!! Getting excited now...

    Oooh, just need to drag my body round the course now ....
  • Thanks MK, hoping that at the expo Mr AJH can meet some other forumites who are running, he is looking forward to lots of cheering!
  • You guys are amazingly organised!

    We're looking forward to seeing you as we run by with our pace groups. We've just put up pics of the various pace-group leaders - including good ol' Knackered Knees, by the way.

    See you there - I'm off for a week now...

    Sean, RW
  • ooh by the way. Look out for a message from Rob Spedding or Artgod later in the week. We're holding back our next magazine press day till the last minute so we can include pics and quotes from race day...

    ... and we'd like to focus on you and the mile 18 support station (if we may)

    ...The rough plan (and Rob and AG will confirm or deny this in the week) is:

    >>Artgod will take magazine-quality pics of the forum runners* as you get to mile 18. *and who knows, maybe their magnificent supporters too?

    >>Rob will confirm beforehand what vox-pop-type questions we'd love you to answer afterwards

    >>You'll need to give us your answers by MID-MONDAY MORNING to hit press day. We'll use the best pics and quotes in the mag and put up on the site all the pics that we have quotes for.

    >>Chances are we'll be able to email a high-res photo to everyone who was splendid enough to send in their quotes...

    So, watch this space!

    Have a great week

    Sean, RW
  • Cool!!!


    I know Neil and Sean, but not t'others.
  • Ooooh - photos... fame... glory... Jj was right - Cool!!
  • It'll be too warm for The Pink Jacket.

    What shall I wear instead?

    [pads off to riffle through wardrobe]
  • Could you arrange hair and make up at 17.5 miles?
  • Getting scared now - the photo could come out all wrong - what if I start to sweat?
  • and could you make sure that if you snap me hugging one of my chaps, that I'm looking up, with my face three-quarters to the camera? Ta.
  • *****FULLY UPDATED LIST******
    of runners and your supporters is on my site is here and I am adding you if you've mailed me to say you weren't on the original list.
  • Rach & I are supporting:

    Man in Black
    Sarah Gregory
    Gareth Lewis
    lou lou
    sitting bull
    Phab Pau

    I live in Milton Keynes and will be travelling down Sunday morning. To help Rach and I do whatever we can to help can you email one or both of us to let us

    a) Race Number
    b) What you’ll be wearing and your estimated finish time / what time you think you should be passing mile 18.
    c) Anything you need, I don’t mind buying anything that’s reasonable i.e. drinks, Jelly Babies, etc and that you can get in the shops here though if its anything more specific that I might have trouble getting I could try and meet you before the start e.g. 8am by the from door of the church that on Shooters Hill (ill find the name of it but you cant miss is – youll no the one I mean when u see it as its just by the big green.
    d) Anything else you think is relevant or want etc.
    e) If your stopping or planning on running right though.
    f) If you are a first time runner and need any help,information or sdvice you’ve not found on the forum?

    Ive not been to support at the London Marathon before though I have run it twice, not sure how busy it will be at mile 18 and how the supporting will pan out will do my best and hope we can help you get round/achieve your goals.

    I’ll decide what im wearing on the day and will let you know so it will help you spot me at 18. Ill also be bringing a camcorder/digital camera so after the race if ive got pic/video ill be able to send it on if your interested.

    I also plan to go to the post race meet, so if you’ve still got any energy left it would be nice to see you there to.

    I presume Ultra Meerkat or someone will let us have your email addy’s so ill send the above and anything else I can think is relevant when I get them.

    Good luck hope all goes well.

    MK – well done mate, excellent job your doing…
  • Ooops my email is
  • Hi Carl - have sent you an e-mail but thanx for supporting. TP formally known as philtrace, but changed as sounded like I'd had a sex change!
    UM - thanks for organising this!
    See ya soon Trace x
  • This is brilliant.

    And what lovely supporters I have in Dr Nic and Shambler (oh and Mmmmm too!)

    Well done ultra and everyone involved with this.

  • Well done MK and loads of thanks to all the supporters.
  • Hey MK thanks & to the the supporting teams, do they come armed with stretchers and magic it possible to get one of them to jog (v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y) in front of us holding an ice cold lager to focus on? Looking forward to meeting you all..
  • Carl - I've just mailed you the full list of runners with etas at 18 miles.
    Orang - yes, we have magic spray - it's called champagne.
  • *****FULLY UPDATED LIST******
    of runners and your supporters is on my site here and I will add you if you've mailed me to say you weren't on the original list.
  • Fantastic - thank you fraggle (flapjack meister) and Evil Pixie and, of course Ultra Meerkat. I will give you all a wave as I fly(??) past next week!

    Will have name on T shirt
  • Ultra .. Brilliant job can't wait to get to mile 18.

  • Just sent all the runners im supporting an email.

    I dont have my co supporter (Rach)'s email addy or that of one of the runners (Snoops) as his/her details were not on the document, can someone send me these email addy's please.
  • meerkat - i keep trying to access your site but there appears to be a problem

    i keep seeing a picture of a ginger minkey - surely that can't be right????
  • Hats off to Ultra M and Swiss Bobby for all the hard work and communications!

    Thanks (in advance) to my supporters Carl and Rach. We've not met but it's good to know there's some friendly faces at 18M!!

    Now where was I.......? Oh yes, I remember...Taper, get nervous, taper, taper, buy compeed, get nervous, taper taper etc.........

    Good luck all

  • Just come across this thread. I'm running at the FLM and every bit of help will be much needed! Meerkat I've sent you an e-mail
  • M,

    I've tried to e-mail you but the link doesn't seem to work.

    Let me knoe how I can get in touch
  • Carl - Thanks for email. For some reason my replies to you are being unsuccessful. Keep getting returned by Postmaster.

    If there's an alternative addy could you email me again or if not let me know so I can post details here

    Regards and many thanks

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