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  • Damo - you have mail.
    M - I know, that ginger Minkey just gets everywhere...
  • Thanks Ultra...You're a star
  • Sutts - you have mail

    for anyone else trying to email - often if you click on email member it doesn't work but if you click on the forum name then use the email me link at the bottom of the profile page that should work :-)
  • Dr nic ,shambler.Mmmm i need you where are you.....from lonley gorilla...
  • Excellant job Meerkat...will be hanging on the RW 11min pacer for dear life in the hope of reaching you all at Mile 18 to be rewarded with JBs from Meerkat and JJ! Thank you in advance incase I am incoherant by then!

    Hiya Sutts...ready?
  • meerkat, did you get my email?

    Are the instructions on getting to Mudchute the same on the urfwrc site as on your runningmeerkat site?


    Confused Hildy!
  • I'm sure you've been over this 100 times already but we're meeting at Mudchute? Any particular time or just as the first runners are expected?

    What about getting to Mudchute? Is the tube rammed?
  • Carl - You have mail.

    Is there a post race meet up planned?

  • Carl
    I've emailed you via RW email link as for some reason hotmail is having none of it (tried 4 times).


  • Hildy - hmmm - will check to see if I've got you mail.
    H - some of us will be at Mudchute from 0930 onwards to set up, but join us when you can. Get the DLR to Mudchute station (it will be a Lewisham bound train) and come out of the station, turning right over the bridge. We're two minutes walk down the road.
  • Meerkat has mail
  • Meerkat, I did not understand who will the Spud family be supporting.

    We will be taking jelly babies. Is it OK? Do you need anything else i.e food, biscuits etc.?
  • Spud - that's sounds brilliant. I didn't want to give families loads of specific peeps to support, but all help with jelly babies, bananas, little bags to put the sweeties in would be fab.
  • What fantastic organisation! Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks Meerkat and all supporters!
  • Meerkat - Great organisation!

    Dr Nic - You have email
  • as a more or less random supporter, I was thinking of bringing jelly babies and jaffa cakes. Will also think about bananas too now.

    Any other ideas for popularly requested food?
  • I sent a mail this pm to all supporters, but it's got bounced back from Spud and Carl.
  • Ping Pong Boy, Man In Black & Ultra Meerkat.

    Not sure why my mail is getting pinged back. If it continues to happen cc my work email address

    Just to restate my home email its

    I did receive 1 email from Man In Black so at least got that. Ill keep an eye on things, if you get any other emails bouncing please post here. to let me know.
  • Cheers Carl. I think the one that got through was by using the email link from RW..


  • Hi -

    Kiwichick and I will be coming along to Mile 18 to cheer and support - will also bring Alex (not sure of her forum name...).

    Great organisation!!
  • Evening,
    I'm a beginner forumite who is coming to the FLM for the first time, I'm supporting a mate and could do that from Mudchute. If it'll be any help I'll pack a couple of packets of Jelly Babies to distribute to the mighty marathoneers. Let me know.
  • Great job guys.Looking forward to it.Thanks in advance.
  • Ultra Meerkat and everyone else - thanks in advance. I'll look forward to meeting you.
  • ADB - you will be very very welcome! Check out my site for full details - link a few posts above. Kiwi and Kiwichick - welcome to you too!
    RR - this is the thread!
  • ................................

    I *may* join you guys.........

    just realised I've got a day off on the Sunday, but its a 5hr drive down to the smoke and 5hrs back.......... am working on the Saturday til 6 and on Monday from 10.........

    O what should I do?!...........
  • I should be there too as a supporter. So will give help to another named main supporter, will bring jellie babies and bananas or something similiar.

    It will be the first time that I have watched on the road side as it were.

    See you all there.

    You have done a good job meerkat.
  • Sorry Its late Meerkat but you've got mail. I need a supporter desperately!!!
  • Yorkie,

    Let the train take the strain.

    2 hours from York station to Kings X...

  • db2 - just checked - on a Sunday it takes from 3½ to 4½ hours to get to Kings Cross alone by train and would cost £80-90 to get to Mudchute and back........
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