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  • Carl - you're e-mail isn't working - have all the info you need.

  • Mr & Mrs Smitch Snr are also hoping to get along to Mile 18 (if they can find it that is! - they don't get into London much) to cheer us all on, so if anyone wants them to bring anything let me know.

    Thanks for being my support Jj & Helegant by the way x
  • Supporters and runners list now updated with ceal and Rio Fair.

    ****UPDATED LIST***** is here.

    If you need a supporter MAIL ME.
  • Thanks MK glad I wasn't too late
  • Carl - I've sent a couple of e-mails to your work e-mail address as I couldn't get anything through to the btinternet one.


  • 2 different Rio Fairs

    now that is confusing!!!!! well rather one Rio Fair and one riofair

    can you lot start picking some more unique names do you think?????

  • M - you have mail.
    M or Zilla - Please could you e-mail me you postal address. I have decided what I need at Mile 18 and will post it to you.

    Many thanks.
  • Oh no, I really think I might be losing it. I have a funny sort of feeling that both rio fairs are me!! (Oh well that's two lots of cheers the!) I thought I had put my name down before, but then as I can't read either at this point in time (marathon madness has set in!) I didn't see my name down.

    Unless there is a riofair out there. If there is I would be grateful to know I am not going insane!
  • There must be something up with my home email, will check with BT on Tuesday, im recieving no emails at all now, not even junk. If anyone missed it my work email is:

  • Boing
  • black squirrel - I've allocated you supporters. You have mail.
  • Bobolinks no is 33959 and supporter is Mrs Bobolink who will be waiting at the end so if anyone can give me a shout along the route it would be appreciated.
  • ok - Carl, have sent details thru to both your e-addresses - maybe your server needs changing.
  • Just realised I'm on one of these lists - however I've had to defer so will be supporting instead! So Suffolk Punch and TL, one less to worry about.

    Sorry to be a nuisance...
  • Glad to hear you'll be there too, Spud!

    Richard the Rhino- I'll make sure my Scotty won't nip at your heels/hooves. Any specific requests, let me know (laundry sprinkler??).
  • p.s boing!
  • meerkat/all,

    not a specific request for me, but if it turns out to be a hot one again, how about taking a cool bag full of ice cubes (which shoould last for hours and hours) ... overheated runners can put a handful under their hats?

    an olde tryathlonne tricke
  • Candy - good point. I'll investigate suitable bags this week.
  • Maybe, to save peeps carrying bags of ice cubes to mudshute one may be able to purchase some in Asda. But perhaps it is a bit early in the year to expect such a commodity to be stocked.
  • ice on the head , interesting thought;
    especially after last years heat,
    even poured water on head like a sad runner
    - hey i was a v sad runner
    pleease support me ,
    sad tired runner needs adoption ?
    email sent to meerkat, good web site

    no48 214
    hoping to run c 9min pacers
    but that depends ...

    looking forward to seeing the carnival @mile 18
  • Rob - you have mail.
  • Up to date list of runners and their supporters in here.
    If you are a runner who needs a supporter MAIL ME.
  • Hello Meerkat. We are hoping to be there to lend moral support and encouragement but will have the children with us so can't promise any practical support I'm afraid.
  • U Meerkat - Have just been on your site, thx for the info! I'll be supporting Wolfy but also anyone else who needs it.

    Oh and out of interest what's the banner? Have made one too (can never have too many, right?). However the practicalities of lugging it round London have just hit me.

    Oh and Yorkie Road Runner. Am looking at possibly going down on the sunday morning myself from Manc'. You'd probably go the M1? If you want to meet up M6 or near London or something on the sunday let me know.
  • If its a hot day I have a supper soaker water cannon/gun tyoe thing I use to get the local kids when they have water fights.

    I could bring that (any taps near by?)
  • Lady L - will be fab to see you, whenever you can make it.
    H - the more banners, the better! Can you get there early? All the better to shin up available lamp posts.
    Carl - smart thinking. No taps that I know of, but we should have champagne.
  • H - I already have Pezza as my 'official supporter' but I'll need all the support I can get!
  • Thank you to all you incredible people for doing this. Running alone so will really appreciate the support......Looking forward to seeing Minky, LD Badger and Mr Wolf on Sunday....X
  • steady betty - go like the wind!! We'll all be there at mile 18 to cheer you on. You're not alone.
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