List of runners and your supporters



  • I would just like to thank all you great supporters in advance and wish fellow runners the best of luck for Sunday.

    I shall be wearing a yellow Sgt. Pepper's uniform

    All you need is love

  • Oh dear - looks like I've managed to get on two different lists, so I get twice the support (Lord knows, I'll need it!!)

    Tried to email Meerkat but something seems to be up with the address at the mo - too many people trying I bet!

    Thanks for all the support....I'm, almost looking forward to it now but still a bit too scared! :-)
  • You're on Damo, anything you need?

    UM - We'll aim for 9.30-10, staying in Oxford now the night before so shouldn't be too bad....
  • Pair of rollerblades would be useful. Otherwise just a shout and a cheer please!
  • if it was a marathon I was running on Sunday I would be really looking forward to this!!! Thank you Meerkat for you organisation etc so far... see you Sunday... yipes!
  • Venom, SusieBee, matt the brum, Jimmy, Runningheva, CC, The Dog Walker, eilliee, andysoar, Dewin, SarahKM, butchersdog, wellies, Rodders, Twinkle

    Can the above please email me with what they'd like at mile 18. If you could mail a photo and your number would be handy.

    Suffolk Punch and myself wish you all a great day and run, and see you Sunday.
  • Thanks Meerkat! Top work

    Shambler,Dr Nic and Mmmm - see y'all at mile 18 fingers crossed!!

  • Hello to the marathoners listed below, and could you please email me and/or Fairy Elephant the following details so that we can make your visit to Mile 18 a more pleasant one:
    1- Your race number & how one might recognize you.
    2- Approx. when you expect to run by
    3- If you have any special requests (plasters, ambulance, etc) if you are stopping.

    Best wishes- Moomoo
  • p.s boing
    and I didn't mean stopping the race, I meant taking a short break!
  • Meerkat,

    Thanks for doing this...


    Are you around at all???

    I'm one of your lot. I'm expecting to come through at 2h15m. I will be wearing a Thanet Roadrunners vest top with 14051 on it and my name and 'Meningitis Trust' on a small card above the logo. The top is light blue and dark blue.

    I would really like about a third of a litre of weak to normal ribena in a small mineral water bottle if I could... If you forget or can't arrange, then no worries.


  • boing
  • and a BOING from me too :)
  • boing - thanks meerkat
  • Great job guys - looking forward to 18 mile point

    Shambler, Dr Nic or Mmmm - do you want to me to email you my race number etc? You will have me down on your list as Alex Cran

    Race No: 01631
    Running in turquoise cancer research vest with Alex on front and Back
    Hoping to get around in around in 3.30 ish

    Fruit Cake AKA Alex Cran
  • Hi all,

    i will also be running in Cancer Research vest. It's turquoise with Chris on front & back. Hope to go through 18 mile mark around 1-54/1-55 on route to finishing in 2-45/2-46. Just your great support will be enough.

  • Good work Mr Meerkat!

    Fat Buddha and Petal - thank you for supporting me - I will be in a red Bobby Moore running top with "Mike" across the top. Looking at a 5hr - 5:30 finish time so I will be well-knackered by mile 18, the support will be much appreciated even if I don't indicate so at the time!

    Mike aka Heffer
  • Hi all

    Seemed to have totally missed this thread, but better late than never,

    Number 40003 and wearing a Yellow Lymphoma Association vest and should be at the 18 mile mark around in around 3 hours.

    If possible i'd like a loud cheer and some jelly babies ;-)

    Jason L
  • Boing and also to say I have had to defer my place :(

    Thought I might be able to run okay despite the anaemia but I just feel too rubbish too often to risk it...

    Best of luck to you all, hope you have a great run, fabulous day and it's not too damned warm..

  • Up to date list of runners and their supporters is here.
    If you are a runner who needs a supporter MAIL ME. I'll reply this evening to those who've mailed me today.
  • Fruit Cake, yes please - email me.

    MM will not be there, he was never going to be...sorry about that!
  • Moomoo/Fairy Elephant

    Don't think you'll have trouble spotting me. My rhino will have my name across the forehead. If all goes well i'll be there about 2hrs45, but could be anything especially if its hot.

    If it is hot a bucket of water would be nice.
  • Greeny, Dave the Spartan, Welsh Poppy, Marathon Badger, MarkJ34, 90 minutes, Alexcran, Blobbert, Gobby, Bulldog Baxter, bladesman, Birdypie, Rickster, Seaweed, Victorialj...

    Can you email me please and let me know your vague ETA at mile 18 and any "special requests"...I won't necessarily do them but Shambler will ;-)

    See you there! Have a good few days and look after yourselves...

    Nic x
  • meerkat your link does not work for me this time. Not that that matters but it may for others!
  • Peeps can mail me at
    (Thanks, ceal!)
  • Moomoo - Hi from one of your supportees! Thanks in advance for your help at mile 18!! How do you wish for us to contact you with our info? Is there a way for me to email you direct from this thread? Thanks!

  • Jason L!!!

    Long time no speaky - how you doing?
  • Ah, the lovely Dr Nic - I will email you with my special requests and (very) vague ETA at 18m...
  • I am really looking forward to getting to mile 18 on Sunday. I will probably be absolutely knackered and muttering feck never again. At long last I will also get to meet some of you guys. Your support will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance to all you organisers and supporters.


    Father Jack Hacket (Craggy Island Road Runners)(Sponsored by Bushmills finest whiskey)
  • Thanks Meerkat for this.

    Timothy, Shelley & Sprogs, thanks to you to in advance by 18 miles I think I may need some support, I hope to be there in about 2.30 hours and will be wearing a green Macmillan running vest.

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