List of runners and your supporters



  • ooops - haven't been here for a while so only just caught up with who I am can

    coopsy, Cowhill Plodder, the cardboard box, martin 4, momentomori, Martinjo, Richard W, Murf, Spooner, PottingShed, Determined Tortoise, lisa hardy, heffer

    e-mail me your ETA's so me and Petal can give you a big shout...and any requests that Shambs can fulfil (tee hee)

    and Meerkat's site is Meerkat's FLM site

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi meerkat, emailed you for supporters, hope I am not too late.
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Damo - what's your ETA?
  • 'buddha,
    U got mail

    And more big thanks to Meerkat
  • If you need a supporter MAIL ME - I'll reply this evening when I'm home.
  • and my site with the updated list is here
  • H - if I'm lucky I'll be at 18miles after 2hour3minutes (6:50pace) or more likely 2hour6minutes (7:00pace)

    But it could be any time after that, it certainly won't be before!

    I'll be wearing a yellow and red Altrincham AC vest with black shorts and I'm number 28721 (I think)from the green start

    Thanks to everyone who will be supporting, it's really appreciated
  • cheers TCB - will reply in a mo
  • hoorah,meerkat,thanks,i seem to have you supporting me.excellent.i will be arriving ,hopefully, at around 12.50 or so,ie 10 min miling plus 5 min to cross the line.i will look much like my forum photo or you can see pre reading race photos at
    i will be in macmillan green vest with ALEX P on the front,and can i please be allowed to hug badger too?
  • ps,many,many thanks for sorting this.
  • following all my struggles with a cold and sore knees, my only motivation now for doing this event is..... The hugs from Shambler at 18 miles (I'll try not to pass you the cold germs !)

    Thanks Ultra Meerkat for all your arranging, see you all there
  • No worries, Alex. I will ask Badger to stand by for a hug!
  • Dave!! *flounce*
  • sorry Dr Nic, I hadn't checked UK's site, I hadn't realised that I had more than one supporter. The more hugs the better !, infact I might just abandon and wallow in a sea of hugs ! (just don't tell the g/f who will be at the finish)
  • Dave - got a cold myself now!! AND I fell down a flight of stairs at work today! It is indeed the 13th. Never mind, looking forward so much to sunday and big thank you to all supporters (specially mine Carl & Rachael !)
  • If only you had asked... I would have given you my cold !
    Taken so many pills I'm starting to rattle, thank goodness there is no chance of me having to do a drugs test !!!
  • Thank you all so much for this, especially Minkey and Long Distance Badger. I've been in a form of denial that I'll actually be doing this for the last couple of weeks, with knee problems, but it all looks clear now.
  • Hello Crazy Addick, it'll jsut be me-wife and sprogs otherwise occupied I'm afraid!!
    I'm thinking of bringing jelly babies and jaffa cakes and I hope I'll remember some blister plasters and the kit I usually have at ultras (sorry no spare shoes for you!!) I'm assuming you'll be ok for drinks.
    Sorry I won't be able to meet up beforehand.
  • Dave- folks at work have been plaguing me about drugs tests! This is how paranoid I am - drinking OJ, ate 2 oranges, having red pepper with my meal, loads of green tea and beechams flu plus (even though it isn't flu!) Carl - Beechams at mile 18!!
  • some people don't understand the problems of us highly tuned athletes ( LOL !)

    lemsips and paper tissues at every mile marker please
  • got the day off work, so def gonna be there now, I'll be in charge of the beers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Make mine a Guinness !
  • Thanks Ultra Meerkat, your a star!

    Hi M, you have mail.
  • Everyone who mailed me today has now been allocated a supporter, and emailed.

    ***Updated list, just done, is here
  • Just a reminder: if you're a runner and want a supporter MAIL ME.
  • Rob, Maz, Twinkle, Kerry and Jason now all have supporters.
  • Hi All – my email is working again (or so I believe)

    *** Runners who I am supporting, if you have not contacted me yet please do so as soon as possible ***

    My email is Carl1969UK@BTInternet .com

    Tomorrow evening im going to put all the info ive received to date onto a spreadsheet so I know where I am in terms of what people are wearing, support requirements etc.

    The runners I have still not heard from are:

    Phab Paul
    sitting bull
    lou lou
    Gareth Lewis
  • Carl - I'll resend my email to you.
  • meerket - we seem to have an excess of twinkles......
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