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  • Gavo - have just mailed you.
  • Doctor Sam, fellow WaterAid runner - what start are you going from? Finish time?
  • Don't worry Gavo, you'll know when I turn up! ;-)
  • Oh and I'd also like to say many thanks to Gavo & Fliss for supporting me :-)

    I've already been in communication with Fliss, bit of advance support work going on in the background!
  • meerkat - can't get through by email.

    Thanks for all the effort you've put into this

    I've been struggling to identify where the support point will be on a map for Mrs Nick (Rachel). I thought it was where Manchester Rd becomes Westferry Road near the fire station but the sketch map on the FLM site shows the 18m mark as further up Manchester Road

    Sorry to be a nuisance but could you give me a reference point on the map that I can aim them at please


  • oops sorry the link broke the page, it'll go away when we get past post 260
  • Sorry - messed that link up.
    Go to
  • Doctor Sam, Kit Kat - I'm WaterAid too, are you both going to the post race WaterAid party?
  • m - thanks for the link
  • Greeny - I'm planning to be there, if only briefly (estimated finish time 3.30).

    What start are you? I'm Blue and it looks as though Doctor Sam is too.
  • Gavo has mail
  • Gavo, Flipper

    No special requests just knowing there is going to be a big cheer ring out is enough to get me there. race No 33894 looking to be with you guys around about 2hrs55mins - 3hrs give or take a day wearing a burgundy running vest (Arthritis Care) name Stuart on the front and BODGE on the back.

    Big thanks in advance...

  • I'm blue too (actually, I'm the Blue start coordinator with snoop, but I don't like to boast!!)

    Perhaps I'll see you before the race at the meeting point?
  • Kitkat/Greeny

    I'm at the blue and aiming to plod towards a 4.30 - 4.45 finish. Don't know my pen number yet - registering Friday afternoon.

    Haven't had details of the WaterAid party yet but was aiming to be there if only for the shower as I have to fly back to Edinburgh on Sunday evening and I don't want to be barred by BA!

    I'm cannibalising the WaterAid vest. The first one didn't arrive and the second one was the wrong size - I'm a stocky old tart but I think even Paula would have been struggling! Logos are being stitched onto a techy t shirt as we speak (I hope!).

    Nicko - don't forget the vicks!
  • right this is bugging me
  • so it can go over the page
  • Ahh thats better ;-)
  • Agreee, TL!
  • Helegant and I have hardly heard from any of our runners!

    Doesn't anyone want anything from us?

  • Jj - did you get the full list of runners with their email addresses?? Sent over the weekend.
  • I did, MK!

    Just about to chivvy them all along!

  • Any requests for Sunday-
    HelWill, Baza, puggers, bagpuss, CAJ, coolie, jonesthesteam, Kikker, or Rlove?
    If I don't hear from you by Saturday I will either assume that you'll be OK, or that you've contacted Fairy Elephant.
    Best, M.

  • i'm still not stopping
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What side of the road are you going to to be on? Silly question I know.

    I'll either be flying past looking serene and collected or be a gibbering and limping wreck pleading for alcahol and drugs.

    Ahh... it's the unpredictable nature of marathons that makes them so fun.

  • that sounds more like the predictable nature of URWFRC london socials, lizzy
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    On the right as you run past Lizzy (if it's the same place as last year).

    Who on earth looks serene at a forum social?
  • Well if you get there at 4:30 and start on the Stella what do you expect!
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