Worried 3 days rest is too much


I have been training for York Marathon (14th October) and have been roughly doing 40 miles a week for the last month The race is 2 weeks on Sunday and so far this week have ran 19 miles (Mon, Tue, and Wed). I was always intending to take 2 days off (Thu & Friday) and then do local Park Run Saturday and a half Marathon Sunday.

However the last few days i have felt a weird niggle in my calf, every minute or so when i walk it tightens up for a few seconds and goes. Not painful just annoying really. So i have decided to not do the Park run tomorrow and have another days rest. This will mean that i will not have run Thursday, Friday and now Saturday. So i am panicking i will start to lose the momentum i have gained from all my training.

I am still planning on doing the half marathon on Sunday which will take my weekly total to around 32 Miles for the week with 2 weeks to go until the Marathon.

I have looked on every training plan and none of them suggest taking 3 days rest so this is why im panicking a little, can it have an adverse affect taking 3 days off in the middle of your training this close to the marathon?


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    well it's less adverse than running the third day and doing something nasty and missing the race. Is it worth doing a very light couple of miles Saturday just to make sure that the calf can stand up to a half as that's obviously a bigger risk. 

    Running schedules assume you feel perfect at all times. Very few get through a full schedule having done every run. You have to use your own common sense as to when to back off. 
  • I think the main issue here is the potential injury/niggle as opposed to the 3rd day off from training. I suspect the extra little bit of rest will help you if you do intend to race for a time in the HM this Sunday (as you will be fresh). Just be sure to warm up properly and only stretch once you've warmed the muscles up. Good luck with both the HM and then the marathon.
  • You have trained really hard since Liverpool marathon matey, don't blow it now!! Have a rest, chill and relax. Your body/legs will appreciate it on Sunday and especially at York!
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