Monday 1st October 2018 - Deep in his heart, he's just, he's just a boy

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Yesterday’s lyrics When Love Breaks Down by Prefab Sprout

RFJ: Great set there, the Exodux 24 is impressive 3x10k

LMH: Glad you have landed in your digs, await update, envy the interesting new environment run oppurtunity

Welsh: Impressive miles, “Back once again like the renegade master”

SC: I’m ipressed with 1:43 and no mishaps that is fantastic news

Chicksta: Cake dilema, yep I know that one. Like choosing the holy grail in Indiana Jones “Choose wisely”

Ale: That's fantastic 30 miles run!

What: After work 7 or 8 around 4PM, probably up cinder track and then North Bay
Why: Get out run
Lyrics: Yes


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    SC - great half time, well done!
    LmH - hope you're settled in now
    Chick - cake keeps me going on many a run (or the thought of cake...)
    Is it wrong to say I've just had a slice of Friday's leftover lemon drizzle...???)
    Ale - impressive month's stats
    RFJ - good work on the 24hr thing and good luck with the i/v

    What - easy lunchtime miles
    Why - recovery day
    last rest - 03/09
    last hard - Probably last a week. Did 12 off road yesterday but at an easy pace.
  • Morning!

    Lyrics: I nearly used these yesterday, although different lines! 

    What: a run this afternoon

    Why: asthma clinic this morning, then blood tests early pm. Trying to do a short run every day at present. Actually 50 miles last month, not 30, Benjy! Legs feel like I did them all in one session though: must have worked the legs harder in the gym than I thought!

    Looks like a beautiful day in prospect here...but cold: only 3 degrees at present and some very icy cars.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Another asthmatic parkrunner! Ale we have a closed fb page: parkrunners living with asthma (In case you're interested) organised through the PROVE project (parkrun: running or volunteering for everyone.) Impressed you managed 50 miles last month all things considered. 
    No Dustin, never wrong to admitting to having lemon drizzle! I parkrun for cake :-)
    Smiles all round post Benjy read as usual...enjoy the 8
    What: Lunchtime plod
    Why: Recovery and get the hills out of my legs...oh's all hills round here :-)
    Last hard: Last three miles yesterday
    Last rest: Hmm
    Lyrics: Yep
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    Ale: Blimey Ale, yes you're right, I stand corrected, 50 is great, imagine that 5 months ago.

    Dustin: God no, if it was 6 weeks old it needs eating, I have to be careful what I eat so only eat cake in the morning, my eldest daughter made me a huge victoria sponge yesterday, so we had that for breakfast, Weetabix followed by Victoria sponge. Breakfast of champions.

    SC: Hills ha ha I know that feeling. Sometimes I think wouldn't it be nice to run a flat even surface, but where I think? Then back to the hill.

    Must get back to it now...
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    We are just two miles away from Lovers Key chicksta so hoping to run there and around some trails one morning. Thanks for the info.

    Your volunteering sounded like a lovely day  Benjy - as does breakfast!

    Donaldo - definitely run to feel. Be aware of your mood and that a dip in it may be an indication that you are low on fuel but also that there is almost always going to be a bad patch but that as long as you keep moving you’ll get through it.

    Glad you had another incident free run SC.

    Nice miles again Poppy.

    Sounds like a tough 10k OH.

    Good to see you building back up Alehouse.

    The only thing wrong with that is that there was leftover cake Dustin!

    Sorry - memory fails me there.

    I was able to get out for a run early yesterday by running round the lake (pond) in front of the hotel which was mostly well lit but it’s pitch black here (nearly 0600hrs) and I have no wish to encounter the alligators that are apparently in the ponds across the road so I will have to wait a while. A walk along the beach yesterday evening suggests it’s going to be a great place to run, a high of 33C forecast 😊

    What:           Short and easy
    Why:            I want to and a gtreat way to explore
    Last hard:    Travelling
    Last rest:      29/9

    Lyrics - no.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon (well here, anyway!)!

    Jealous of the temps, LMH!

    Asthma clinic was fine and it is deemed well controlled. Thanks for the suggestion re parkrun/asthma/facebook, SC, but don't do facebook!
    Was a little annoyed that I had booked the appointment for today so that I could have my flu jab at the same time: vaccine for under 65s has not arrived yet so another appointment needed. Minor problem!

    Spot of lunch then off for blood tests at The Christie prior to seeing consultant next week.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Afternoon,

    SC: Great  news on your half with no incident that is a big improvement I know you are not running to your potential which must be frustrating but better than the other option.

    Benjy:Have a great 8 miles and glad you enjoyed Daughters cake.

    Dustin: Why was they any cake lift is more the question! Lemon Drizzle cake a favorite of mine. But as on diet no cake here...sob sob sob

    LMH: It sounds perfect for you with the weather and enjoy your run watch out for those Alligators!!

    Although I don't parkrun another Asthma sufferer I usually get the flu jab when at clinic for my B12 Jab but they had not arrived on Thursday.

    What 7 miles
    Why: Because I can no better reason for me;-)
    Last hard Past 7 weeks and my slow pace
    Lyrics: Yes

    Longest run post boot but boy it was dark up cycle track in woods even with chest torch my first time up track since my accident.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • SC: I missed your half result yesterday -- we must have xposted. Congrats. That's a brilliant time and no episodes either. Fantastic!!

    Glad you arrived safe and well, LMH. Yeah, those gators are a nuisance and best left alone.

    Poppy: You are so brave to go out there in the dark. I would be scared shitless alone in the woods!

    Ale: That's some decent September mileage all things considered.

    Benjy: Enjoy your 7 or 8

    I think most of us on here are asthmatic :) 

    I used to take the flu jab but I've been feeling really rough twice after getting it and haven't tried it since. Also caught a bad dose of flu despite the jab one year and have not caught it again after stopping the jabs. Go figure :).

    What: 5 miles on the treadmill plus weights
    Why: dark, wet, windy - it's gym time, baby
    Last hard: lots to do at the weekend
    Last rest: 17/9
    Lyrics: no

  • 5.1 (Homage to Poppy) done and dusted. First real chilly air of autumn permeated the lungs today. Mr inhaler will now find his way into running kit :-). Flu jab this month as last month the allocation was for the over 65's.
    Not looking forward to going back to dreadmills if/when chill air kicks in.
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    LMH: Alligators! There was me Saturday morning worrying about a young bulloch jumping about like a spring rabbit in the field I had to run through, but alligators now that is something. Me and animals rarely get on I've been chased by dogs, geese, rams and cattle, I know an alligator would have me in it's sights.

    Chicksta/SC: I've got my flu jab appointment Thursday, have to have it every year due to hole in the heart, but last year I had my flu jab the day before York Marathon, that was finger biting moment as to whether I would develop mild flu symptoms/reaction the next day of the marathon. Anyway it was fine.

    10.75 miles in the end, just felt good enough to carry on a bit.
  • Benjy I also have hole in my heart It seems us runners have a lot in common Asthma,etc:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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    What: 19 on trails this morning including Marwick Head twice, first half with running friend. On the second half I was joined by a border collie who came all the way back with me pausing to check I was still coming every so often.
    Felt obligated to return him/her to near where we met. Hopefully now back home, wherever that is.

    Scapa loop group this evening to take it to 22 for the day.

    Why getting last long run before marathon.
    Last rest: Friday
    Last hard: that was
    Lyrics not a clue

    SC well done! Good that heart played ball this time

    Benjy, there is no way you'll develop flu symptoms due to flu vaccine ( it's not a live vaccine) and this has been confirmed in trials. No excess symptoms in vaccinated group compared to similar unvaccinated group.
    Chicksta flu vaccine only protects against approximately 70% of flu viruses

    AH good totals considering all you've been through
  • Sprint finish on Sunday (I lost!)
  • I won’t have the flu jab either chicks take though I get a lot of pressure from my surgery to do so - not sure how much they get for each jab but once again they won’t be getting it for me. 

    Eight miles for for me this morning in the end - it was getting a bit warm by the time I’d finished but I had a nice paddle to cool off.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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