Sprinting for beginners

After a little bit advice about starting a sprinting programme. I currently play five a side on both Monday's and Friday's so it would need to fit around that.

I'm really not a fan of running, or maybe I haven't done it enough yet to decide that, which is why I've chosen to do sprinting rather than distance. Probably looking to do 200m or 100m sprints. Will be working on some gym stuff as well.

Any help of fitting this round my schedule is gratefully received!


  • Hi.
    The most simple advice is to find an athletics club or coach and learn proper technique. As the short sprints are by their nature, short, the most important aspect is technical. 
    Generally, we plan our training year according to competition seasons, although if you want a very basic 3 day a week beginners programme, I would offer something like the following for 100m:

    Day 1:
    Warm up
    Technical drills
    6 x 10m - 30m accelerations starting at 60% intensity, rising to 90%+
    Cool down and flexibility

    Day 2:
    Warm up
    Technical drills
    6 x 60m sprints with a rolling start focussing on technique
    Cool down and flexibility

    Day 3: 
    Warm up
    Technical drills 
    6 x 150m endurance runs
    Cool down and flexibility 

    While this is very basic, and there are better programmes, it will place technique first and foremost, and give you an idea of what your weak points are.
    The volume is relatively low, and start each of the sprint sessions at low intensity. Remember to focus on technique and not to I crease volume too fast.

    I'd also recommend (other than rolling starts) to stick with standing starts, initially.
  • Please note that the legs should not be strongly insulated, that is, no woolen socks are needed. The reason is quite simple: the sprint is a fairly quick and short race. In this connection, your legs get the maximum load and emit a lot of heat. That is why they will not freeze.
  • Thanks for details.
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