First time marathon-27 mile trail

i have been running about 20 miles a week for the past couple of months, done a few half marathon races, and generally try to run 3x a week to include a 10+ mile long run. My longest run is 15 miles.
Im not very fast, my PB half was 2.08 and im quite happy to plod on and not chase faster times but just enjoy the running.
i have signed up for a 27 mile coastal trail marathon in 6 months and looking at marathon training plans now
i am wondering with a lot of these training plans how can i manage a marathon with only a couple of 20+ mile long runs?!

surely I need to practice longer runs than this more often??

I don’t want to feel undertrained and feel dreadful trying to finish it.
i expect I’ll be running for nearly 5 hours on the day. It’s not the easiest course, running on sand and some cross country type running as well as paths but an amazing scenic route! 
Any tips?


    You'll be fine.   

    Follow your marathon training plan with quite a lot of your training, including the long runs, on undulating/hilly off road routes.   For that distance event you'll also need to get used to fuelling so you have plenty time to try out and get used to taking fuel and electrolytes during your long runs.
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