Beginner weight training with running

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I've just joined the gym for winter training.

I have two questions if anyone can help please.

1) Is there any recommended routine that would help for running ?

2) How can you combine weight training with running training in a training week ?

Thanks x


  • How much time do you have? 

    Big movements like Squats, deadlifts, bench press, will give you most bang for your buck. Core stuff is of emphasised in most programmes (plank, v-sits, jack knifes). if you're a real beginner, you will get value from hiring a PT to begin with to make sure you're doing the exercises with good form. 
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    I don’t have much time for gym as my training group trainee twice a week and I go swimming club once a week.

    I have going to the gym once a week and have been going for three weeks.

    I need time to recover after gym as it’s quite fast track sessions. Is there any recommended program for running that you would recommend?
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