Been following a 22 week plan and been building miles up gradually ... Last week did a 22.5mile run no probs, previous week half marathon 1hr 38mins ...went out tonight and after 3 miles achilles started getting tight then really tight & sore so I decided to stop and walk home the rest it was sore to walk on ... What do I do ?! Have it raised and iced at moment ... Will try to use foam roller and massaging with tiger balm over next few days ... marathon in 3 weeks, devastated !!! Any chance at all in that period it could get better to enter and take part at an easy pace ... thanks


  • I also had a problem with my Achilles a few weeks ago. I ran a half without any problems but as soon as I stopped I could hardly walk my Achilles hurt so much, this was around 6 weeks before my marathon. I took a week off from running and did a few short runs after that. I did a half today and got a PB and whilst I felt slight pain in my Achilles it was nothing more than a niggle, marathons in 2 weeks so I'm hoping to get round without it causing me to much grief. 

    Your training's done so probably best to rest for a few days before trying a short easy run to see how it feels. I also did "eccentric heel drops" I'm not sure if they helped but they could be worth a try. Look on the internet for a video on them. 

  • Thanks for reply ... I can stand on my tip toes no probs this morning, it seems it's more lower calf than achilles actually. What in people's opinion is better ... ice or something like tiger balm ?
  • Hi there, I am new to this forum so can't start my own post but I am having the sameish problem. I am training for my first half marathon which is in one week. About a month ago I started getting pain in my feet and calf's and the doctor said I have plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. I have been cross training to try keep my fitness up and the pain has lessened but I am definitely not 100% better. I found that heel drops twice a day and using a rolling pin on the floor on my calf's has helped a lot so stick with it.

    My question is should I run or not? I really want to give it a go because I have worked so hard towards it but I am worried I will make it a lot worse.
  • 80 eighty - I hurt my ankle 11 days ago and my marathon is 3 weeks away also. Can finally walk properly now but have not tried running yet. Had switched all my run to swim to preserve CV fitness. Not sure what we can do here except wait and let it heal.
  • just right on the point where the top of the achilles tendon connects to the calf muscle it seems to be sore ... keeping everything crossed that it will loosen up.
  • Don't panic. I have a grumbling achilles and it got extremely cranky during my taper. I went to see my physio (he's also a runner) and he did some massage and manipulations and I was able to run Chester on Sunday (not only that but I got a PB). Get a massage, roll, do heel drops and maybe wear some calf sleeves if you have them. You'll be OK.
  • This happened last sun ... it's now thur and can still feel it. Went to physio and they reckon calf strain, also said not to do any stretching for 2 weeks ... !?
  • I don't know 80eighty - there is not a lot we can do but wait and heal. It drives me mad also

    An ankle is still not fully healed. It has been just over 2 weeks since injury but I still walk with a slight limp and cannot do single leg heel raise. At this point all my flight and hotel is arranged, so I will probably still go for the marathon but will very likely DNF unless injury suddenly improves quickly. I have 17 days left before the race.
  • Got one of those stick roller things and have been using that every night with icing after ... a week on it def has improved but can still feel a twitch when I push off heavy on foot . Can do single foot lifts on the stairs will moderate pain so fingers crossed another week it might improve enough to try a run  ..
  • 80eighty - good luck. I know how frustrating it is, but keep faith, body does heal.

    I have been rolling my calf too, it's super tight. Saw a chiropractor last Friday and had some ART therapy. After this weekend I can walk more or less pain free now. Did some very easy jogging motion without pain, so will test the ankle with a one mile easy run today. I still have 13 days before marathon, hopefully will recover just in time for it.
  • Hi Mate
    From personal experience - I would highly recommended Knee Length Compression socks when your doing any kind of distance running.
    They reduce the impact on your calf every time your leg strikes the ground and for something which is gonna cost you less than £10 I would definitely give it a try.
    All the best
  • I figured out what was causing my Achilles problems. New shoes that had a small heel-toe drop, 4mm compared to 8-10mm in other running shoes I have worn. Used my old shoes for a marathon on Sunday and had no issues with my Achilles.
  • bit of an update ... went out for a run last night after taken 2.5 weeks off and managed 2.5miles at a sloooow pace. 10min/miles .... leg seemed ok however whether its playing n my mind or not as i got to end of the run i could feel a slight tightning in my calf muscle / soleus ...
  • Just another bit of an update ... managed to get through the marathon, started off at 11-12 min / miles and kept it going all the way. Leg held up thankfully... at one stage i tried to up the pace but the leg wouldnt allow it ... in the end THE BODY ACHIEVES WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES
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