How often do you wash your sports gear?

Hi all,

As title says, how often does everyone wash your running gear? When the clothing has antimicrobial treatment, do you wash it less? Does it make a difference to you depending on how intense your workout was?



  • Every time it is worn, the only way any clothing do not get washed is if I am doing something like trekking in the back end nowhere or Bike packing but I will always attempt to find a stream to at least rinse the sweat off, as for things like trainers and the like a quick wipe down and anti bac spray can go a long way to keeping things fresh.

    If I had access to any water I could not viably justify not washing my cloths..
  • If I'm only doing a short run (5k-10k) I will wear stuff twice, anything longer and it's once. Chuck my shoes in the washing machine every few months, come out looking new. 
  • you mean your meant to wash them :smiley:
  • CrazeeTCrazeeT ✭✭✭
    Never wash running shoes, they may look nice but it's not good for the soles. 
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