General training tips - Am I going in the right direction

Hi all,

I've been around for a while but had a lay off due to an op. I have been back running a while now albeit on a aimless basis and I would like to change this.

All mid week runs are done in the evening apart from Thursday which will be done in the morning.

My goals are to improve my park run PB which is 26.19 at a hilly course (426 out of 519) and I am told that I can take off about 2 mins for a flat course I am not sure how accurate that is but I'd much rather concentrate on improving my home PB. The other thing is I would like to run a half marathon and maybe the full marathon at some point.

Tues - running club they will do an easy 5k. I have a roughly 0.8 mile run to the start so I end up around 4.5-5 miles. There are 3 different speed groups.
Thu - 30 mins typically around 3 miles
Sat - Park run
Sun - Long run currently up to 6.6 miles Mixed terrain and takes in some hills. I am increasing mileage by 0.5 each week and dropping back to 75% of last distance every 4 weeks.

What should I do / more less of and what sessions should I look to increase pace or should I even bother at this stage and just up the mileage on the Sunday?

Thanks for your help
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