I think I'm currently suffering from the seemingly popular ITBS. I've been told I'm a neutral runner but due to being extremely inflexible I'm actually pronating. The Physio has recommended lots of stretching (ITB, Quad, Hams, Calf, Soleus(?)) so hopefully this will work.

She also mentioned that a supplement called Glucosamine is having very good reports for repairing cartlidge injuries. Has anyone else heard this and is the general opinion from other people's Physios that stretching alone rather than orthosis are the answer to ITBS??


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    A lot of people swear by Glucosamine (and Chondroitin) for cartlidge repair, but ITBS is not cartlidge, so..........not sure if you have other problems aswell?

    I think stretching is essential to cure the ITBS, and if inflexibilty alone is the problem, stretching alone may be all that is required. However, from what I have picked up from these forums (fora?) and elsewhere, there is often an underlying biomechanical problem causing the ITBS, which would need to be corrected somehow.
  • A lot of people are taking it judging by the amount on sale in the supermarkets and health food shops.

    It comes in two forms, sulphate and hydrochloride. A chemist could tell you more but from what I read on paper both should be of benefit, but most of the scientific trials have been done on the sulphate form - so you may be better going for that (it will say on the label).

    They normally recommend 1500 (mgs?) a day - and most tablets are 500 - so it isn't cheap - although if you look about you can find huge price differences.

    I do worry a bit that relying on it will mean the body stops producing its own - that's just speculation though perhaps a biologist could comment?

  • My Osteo suggested Glucosamine but I think it is impossible to find a vegetarian source as all derived from fish/crab cartilege and bone.

    Does anyone know of a synthetic source?
  • could try

    but frankly I dont believe them - perhaps it is just the capsule that is vegetarian not the contents?
  • Don't know if anybody has mentioned this but apparently it takes several weeks to begin to have an effect, so long term commitment is necessary.
  • And if you take it regularly then you can get it much much cheaper from ads in the back of the Express on saturday (OK so I bought the express!)
  • Sparky - is your ITB problem in the hip or the knee ? I suffered for 2 years with it in my hip and was given a stretch by a fellow club member that made the world of difference.
  • The pain is on the outside of each knee. I'm doing the stretching detailed above each day but I'm not overly confident it will work. I've not run for 6 weeks and am due to go for a steady 3 miler on Friday. What was the stretch you used??
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