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  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    Happy new year everyone 

    An interim update from me

    Hogmanay and then New Year’s Day was the first time I ran on two consecutive days.

    Managed 4 smooth miles on Hogmanay at 10.18 m/m

    Yesterday I decided to do 3 miles but try and inject a little pace. I ended up doing a 9:23 first mile and was blowing hard for the last 2, but held it together to record a 9:51 m/m over the 3 miles, which was pleasing !

    Tuesday will now be my shorter, speedier run and next target is to get 3 miles under 9.45 m/m

    Legs are a bit jaded today but I’m resting up and looking forward to a 4 miler tomorrow with my first 5 miler on the horizon this weekend 
  • Hey Mrsslosh

    First of all, congrats on making the decision to get running; you won't regret it (probably). You're maybe tying your laces like you would ordinary shoes. This is fine if you don't mind them coming undone but isn't ideal for running. Here's a link with some better ways of tying your shoes.
    With regards the headphones, I find that if I tuck the cable into my the front of my shorts or leggings and pull it quite taut (not so tight that I can't swivel my head) then the buds stay in my ears for the whole run. As for motivation, that's a much harder one. What motivates one person may not motivate the next. I find browsing pics of fatties on the internet gets me into the "I don't want that to be me" mindset and off I go.

    Good luck with the 5k when it arrives.
  • Hi Mrsslosh - firstly well done for making the start on the C25K. Making a start is the hardest part and whilst it may not seem like it now it will get easier.

    We all have those types of runs where for some reason it just doesn't click and it seems so much harder than it should do. And then we have those runs where we seem to be flying and it all comes with such effortless ease. You just have to hang in there for those moments.

    In terms of motivation have you set yourself a goal for what you want to achieve? Is it just to get through to 5K, increase your fitness, weight loss? Having a goal in mind helps as you have something to aim for. Also are you running on your own or with others? It might be worth while checking to see if there's a C25K group near you. Running with others who can support you during those hard runs does help. They also tend to have graduations at a local Parkrun where they're always greeted with tremendous enthusiasm by other Parkrunners.

    Anyway - good luck.
  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    <b>Week 4/20 report - The first test passed
    This week was about making progress in a number of areas. It would be the first week where I would run on consecutive days.
    It would be my first 4-run week. It would also be the first time I would run 5 miles (my long run) since this all started 

    Monday was a smooth 4 miles at 10:18 pace, the last of a few 4 milers over the past couple of weeks where my times had been coming down. The legs felt ok on Tuesday but as I was planning a 3 miler, I allowed myself to open the stride up a bit as the first mile progressed. I was surprised when my app buzzed in with a 9:23 first mile. This is quick for me at this point. I was blowing hard and eased off slightly over the last two miles to record a 9:51 average.

    After a rest on Wednesday I went back to 4 miles on Thursday with the intention of trying to take a few seconds off of the 10:18 of Monday. However.... after two miles I was hovering around 10 mins flat and the legs felt fine. Although it didn’t feel like I was doing anything different in terms of pace or stride, the third mile split was 9:53 and despite a 4th mile with plenty of ascent, I was delighted to average 9:56 at the end of the run. I had taken 88 seconds off of the Monday run time.

    Rest on Friday was frustrating. My legs were feeling twitchy, as if they wanted to be worked. This is the first time I’ve experienced having to persuade myself NOT to go a run.

    Then came my first test, the Saturday Long Run.
    So, having judged my running so far and the quick improvements in times over the shorter distances, it’s clear that as I progress through training, I’ll make further progress.
    Therefore there is no accurate way of forecasting what my marathon pace should be. If I’m running sub 10 min miles now over the short distances, my long run pace should be slower than that, but by how much? Finger in the air stuff really. I settled on trying to achieve a 10:30 pace as a maximum and was able to record 10:23 for the 5 miles without feeling overly taxed. My peak heart rate was higher on my earlier runs this week than at any point on my long run and I spent a greater proportion of time in fat burn/cardio zone compared to high intensity. This <i>feels </i>right.

    I’ll therefore stick with 10:30 pace as something to work with on the longer runs but will keep an open mind as I progress.

    I had planned to go for a gentle 3 miles this morning but when I woke, I noticed my right foot is a bit tender when I plant it. With 4 runs and 16 miles in the bank this week, I’m playing it safe and resting it up.

    So tomorrow is the start of week 5 and it will be a bit of an arse awkward week. I’ve got three days away from home for work then I’ve got a weekend away for a family event. That will require some planning.

    I’m aiming for.....

    Monday - 4 miles, early AM

    Tuesday - speed work over 3 miles evening 

    Wednesday- Rest 

    Thursday- 5 miles smooth 

    Friday - Rest

    Saturday - 6 miles Long Run

    Sunday - Slow recovery / rest 

    In summary, a bit of a break through week this week and keen to press on into week 5.

    Hope everyone is progressing with their own plans and keeping well 
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Well done! It is so motivating to read your blog. Many people just write the good bits! Sounds as if you are starting to build a solid base which is excellent. I too work away a lot, you do become used to running at 0445 before starting out for two days in a hotel!!! 
  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    Thanks TT

    The travelling and hotels do get in the way! Next week is all at home but the week after is looking like a nightmare with 4 consecutive days living out of a bag 🙄
  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone 

    A very brief update from me. A heavy cold set me back a bit last week but just about kept my hand in, culminating in my long run of 7 miles yesterday. I managed this non-stop at a smooth of not spectacular pace of 10:28 min/mil

    i used an energy gel at the end of the 4th and I reckon this gave me a little boost going into the latter, mainly ascending miles

    My plan for the upcoming week is 6 ‘fast’ Miles tomorrow, 7 slow on Wed, a gentle 4 miles on Thu followed by my 8 mile long run on Sat. I was quite excited this morning plotting out my 8 mile loop!

    My weight drifted up and down over Xmas and NY but settled down this week as I settled back into a disciplined diet and more sober lifestyle.

    14 weeks to go!!!
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I always pack my running kit before my suits! Take two lots, whatever anyone says it takes much longer to dry in a hotel room. 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    GPH1984 Just wanted to drop in to congratulate you on your disciplined approach and steady progress! 
    Don't be in too much of a hurry to extend your long runs; may be consolidate one week, or even have a cut-back week. It might sound like a defeat but in fact it should be regarded as a positive, pro-active move, showing that you recognise the risk of 'too much too soon' . Then come back even stronger.  Well done.
  • GPH1984GPH1984 ✭✭✭
    Cold, dark running this week. Sub 10:20 m/m for 6 miler on Monday, a chilly 7 miler on Thursday evening with plenty of ice and snow underfoot hampering my time, then a smooth 8 mile long run yesterday at 10:27 m/m

    This coming week is a transition week, prompted by being away from home for 4 days. 6 ‘fast’ miles tomorrow, 5 easy early morning miles along the seaside promenade on Wednesday morning then 6 easy miles on Friday to set me up for 10 miles on Sunday. 

    Tomorrow marks 3 months to the big day, and so my plan is to introduce some strength work now, and gradually increase it over the remaining 13 weeks. All I intend this week is to do 3 x sessions after my shorter runs to wake up my chest, abs, and shoulders.  

    My my wife got me a Fitbit blaze for my birthday and I’m beginning to obsess with the sleep analysis. I’m averaging about 6 hrs 30 a night (never been a great sleeper) but I got over 8 hours last night , with almost 2 and a half hrs deep sleep. It’s interesting to see that I have more deep sleep as a proportion of my overall sleep on the nights I run over 6 miles. Also interesting to note that my muscle fatigue wasn’t quite as marked as I thought it would be after 8 miles yesterday. Must sleep more!
  • @GPH1984

    I have had really good results when taking energy gels. They can really give you a boost when you need it!

    Ive found some really good and cheap ones on ebay at the moment!
    Half the price they usually are and they are legit!
    I ususaly get put off buy the price but High5's are worth it.
    Just search
    High 5 Energy Gel x10 Orange
    These are by far the best tasting ones I have had as some of them can be gross!

    Hope you find this helpful
  • Thanks Dscotty 

    I also found the SiS ones going cheap on Amazon and got 20 gels for about £7! 

    I’m happy to experiment tho, particularly as my runs lengthen. 

    I did my first 10 miler yesterday and so popped a gel before, then on mile 6 then 9. 

    I’m now at the point where I may need to invest in a running bag though. For my longest runs I’m drinking water mixed with flavoured salt tablets but it’s a 750ml bottle and once that runs out, I’m snookered! Ideally a second bottle prefilled and easily carried without any jiggling would be ideal 

    For those still checking in here, highlights last week were a smooth 8 miler on Wednesday evening, my first sub 60 min 6 miler on Friday, and my 10 miler yesterday. I did have a crisis around mile 6 where despite feeling comfortable right up until that point, my energy suddenly disappeared and my legs felt awful. I walked briefly and stretched to compose myself before starting off again, and actually felt fine through miles 7,8 and 9. Mile 10 was difficult though, a bit stop start.

    Plan this week is rest today, speedy 6 on Tue, rest Wed, 10 miler on Thu, Gentle 6 on Fri, Rest sat, 11 miler Sun 
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